Recipe of classical solyanka

Recipe of classical solyanka

Myasnaya Solyanka is a soup on the basis of broth which components are different grades of meat, a sausage goods, a fresh and brined vegetables, seasonings. To give to soup sourness, add a lemon to it.

Solyanka with beef and olives

To make nourishing fragrant solyanka, it will be required to you:

- 400 g of beef on a stone; - 100 g of ham;

- 200 g of a different sausage goods; - 2.5 l of water; - 2 bulbs; - 2 carrots; - 4 pickles; - 2 bay leaves; - vegetable oil for frying; - 2-3 bell peppers;

- 2 tablespoons of tomato paste; - 2 tablespoons of olives; - lemon; - green onions; - fresh parsley; - sour cream. Cook broth from beef, take out meat, separate stones and cut meat into cubes. Put meat back in broth, continue to cook it on small fire, add to it a pea of pepper and salt to taste.

Grate carrots, cut onions and pickles small into cubes. On vegetable oil fry a fresh vegetables till golden color, further add cucumbers and tomato paste, stir and take in a frying pan 2-3 minutes. Then lay out a vegetable mix in a pan with meat and you cook on small fire. Cut a lemon with thin segments, crush greens, cut olives on halves. Slice ham and sausages chosen by you, redden on vegetable oil. Add the fried meat products to Solyanka. After that boil soup of 5 more minutes, then put in it olives and switch off fire. Let's a dish infuse under a cover of 20 minutes. Then pour solyanka on plates, put in everyone on lemon segment, from above strew with greens and add sour cream to taste.

Klassicheskaya Solyanka in the multicooker

It is possible to make solyanka in the multicooker, for this purpose the following components will be necessary for you: - 500 g of a different smoked meat; - 6 pickled cucumbers; - 1 bulb; - 2 tablespoons of olives; - 2 bay leaves; - 1 carrots; - 2 peas of a black pepper; - 2 tablespoons of tomato paste; - 2 circles of a lemon; - vegetable oil. Cut onions small into cubes, grate carrots. Put the multicooker on the pastries mode for 10 minutes, on a bottom of a bowl pour a little oil and put vegetables. Then add the smoked products cut into cubes, tomato paste to vegetables, pour hot meat soup to the maximum mark and close the multicooker. Put the suppression mode for 30 minutes. Then put bay leaf, peas of a black pepper and small cut cucumbers in soup. Cook solyanka in the same mode 10 more minutes. Put circles of a lemon, olive in ready soup and insist 15-20 minutes. Serve solyanka with sour cream, greens and white bread.

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