Recipe of salad ""Health"

Recipe of salad ""Health"

How to make tasty and useful summer salad

It is required to you

  • Carrots 2 pieces, cucumbers 2 pieces, apples (not sour) 2 pieces, a white cabbage 1 small forks, sour cream of 100 grams, 1/4 part of a lemon, salt to taste, fennel of 50 grams, tomatoes (not Cherie) 2 pieces, a knife, a cutting board, a bowl (it is desirable deep), a tablespoon, a salad bowl.


1. Clean, cut carrots thin straws no more than 5 millimeters.

2. Cut cucumbers thin straws no more than 5 millimeters.

3. Too most to do with apples and cabbage.

4. Connect products, add lemon juice, cut fennel greens, add salt, mix.

5. Cut tomatoes half rings no more than 5 millimeters thick. Decorate salad.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team