Recipe of tasty salad with the Korean carrot

Recipe of tasty salad with the Korean carrot

Carrots in Korean are a traditional dish of Asian cuisine. Some consider this food snack, others – salad, and some believe that it is seasoning. The Korean carrots can be served as an independent dish, and it is possible to use as ingredient as a part of salads. It is known that regular consumption of this product strengthens walls of vessels and improves digestion.

Recipe of Royal salad

For preparation of tasty and juicy salad with champignons, smoked chicken and Korean carrots it is required: - 300 g of smoked chicken meat;

- 170 g of fresh champignons; - 200 g of the Korean carrot;

- vegetable oil; - mayonnaise; - greens; - pepper; - salt. First of all, carefully wipe fresh champignons with wet towel wipes, then slice them and fry on vegetable oil. Then fill with salt and a sprinkling pepper.

In salads it is possible to use the ready carrots bought in shop in Korean, and it is possible to prepare her houses independently. It is simple to make it, the main thing is to buy the necessary seasonings doing a dish to juicy and sharp.

Cut smoked chicken meat into cubes, add the fried mushrooms, carrots in Korean, and properly everything mix mayonnaise. Serve Royal salad to a table, having decorated with greens of parsley or fennel. Not less tasty turn out option of Royal salad with paprika. For it it is necessary to take: - 150 g of smoked chicken breast; - 150 g of the Korean carrots; - 1 paprika; - mayonnaise. At smoked chicken breast remove a thin skin and cut meat with small slices. Wash up paprika, dry and, having removed seeds, cut thin strips. Then add the Korean carrots, dress salad with mayonnaise, mix and give to a table.

Recipe of Sail salad

Thanks to effective registration, Sail salad can become the real decoration of a holiday table. To prepare this dish, it will be required: - 300 g of ham; - 100 g of carrots in Korean; - 35 g of potato chips; - 1 bank of tinned corn; - 1 fresh cucumber; - 3 eggs; - mayonnaise; - salt.

In Sail salad ham can be replaced with chicken quarter which needs to be boiled in advance.

Cut ham into cubes or straws. Then add the Korean carrot and tinned corn from which it is necessary to merge liquid previously. Wash up a fresh cucumber, dry and cut thin straws. Hard-boil eggs, clean and chop a knife or crush in the blender. Then mix the prepared cucumber and chopped eggs with ham, corn and carrots in Korean. Fill salad with salt and mayonnaise, mix all ingredients and lay out in a deep salad bowl. Crush big potato chips, having laid off previously several pieces for ornament. Strew a ready-to-eat meal from above with the crushed chips. Decorate a salad surface with the laid whole chips, having thrust them like sails.

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