Recipes for milkshakes

Recipes for milkshakes

On the basis of milk it is possible to prepare a lot of the refreshing drinks for all family. Usually such cocktails are served in tall glasses or glasses. The cocktail tubule has to be applied to them.

Milkshake with ежевикойЭтот well cools drink in hot day. The specified quantity of components is calculated on one portion.

It will be required to us:

- 120 ml of milk; - 50 ml of blackberry juice; - 45 ml of a sugar syrup; - cube ice. Cool milk, mix with blackberry juice, pour in a sugar syrup. Put couple of pieces of consumer ice in a glass, pour in ready cocktail.

Milkshake with вишнейРецепт for fans of cherry. Thanks to coconut flakes, drink develops very interesting taste. It will be required to us: - 120 ml of cold milk; - 30 g of sugar; - 90 ml of cherry juice; - to taste coconut flakes. Shake up the mixer all components of drink except coconut flakes. Pour in milkshake in a glass, powder from above with coconut flakes, give at once. Milkshake with apple and малинойЭтот cocktail is a well of vitamins due to presence in it of berries and fruit. Drink will be pleasant to children and adults. It will be required to us: - 100 ml of cold milk; - 50 g is fresher than some raspberry; - 50 g of sweet apples; - pinch of vanilla sugar. Peel apples, cut them and crush together with raspberry in the mixer. Pour a pinch of vanilla sugar, mix. Pour in the turned-out mix in a glass, mix with cooled milk. Cocktail is ready.

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