Recipes for preparation of dishes the blender

Recipes for preparation of dishes the blender

Modern hostesses know that their first assistant in kitchen is, undoubtedly, the blender. These kitchen appliances can not only to crush quickly nuts or to shake up cocktail. By means of the blender it is possible to make gentle cream soup and to process meat in forcemeat.

Types of blenders

So, the blender is nothing but household kitchen appliances which are intended for splitting of ice, crushing of various products and beating of various liquids. Today, to shake up, crush, and also to mix various products, not each hostess needs the bulky food processor, the compact blender can easily replace it.

Choosing the blender, pay attention to some subtleties, for example, material of which the bowl is made. The plastic vessel won't absorb smells, but can be scratched and change the appearance during operation. The glass bowl, on the contrary, isn't subject to scratches, but can easily break at the inaccurate address.

The next moment – device power. The low-power blender will cope only with boiled vegetables, sauces, cocktails and soft fruit. For processing of raw vegetables and splitting of ice the power of the blender has to begin from 600 W. Besides, very useful function – device speed. The more the modes of switching of speed at your blender, the it will be easier for you to prepare any given dishes. And function of self-cleaning will help to secure the hostess against an accidental trauma and will save time spent at a plate.

One of not less important details of the blender – nozzles which, actually, also help to carry out any given tasks in preparation of products.

Recipes for the blender

Today it is possible to make fragrant sauce or a cream soup quickly enough if to use the blender. For example, preparation of gentle creamy soup from champignons will take away from you only 20 minutes. Original, rather simple and rich dish will be to the taste to all family and will become a great breakfast. So, the culinary recipe is rather simple. For cream soup it is required to you: approximately glass of vegetable broth, 300 grams of champignons, 2-3 onions, 100 ml. cream of average fat content and spice to taste. Begin preparation of soup with processing of mushrooms. Carefully wash out fresh champignons, clean and cut in two. Then crumble half rings onions and fry it on a desi. Add the prepared champignons to almost ready onions and you extinguish ten on slow fire of minutes. Cool ready mushrooms with onions to room temperature and by means of the blender turn into homogeneous mass. Then add onions and mushroom weight to broth. There put cream and spices. Carefully mix everything and bring to the boil.

As you can see, the blender can facilitate preparation of various dishes from various soups, forcemeat and the test to cocktails and desserts.

Also preparation of various sauces with use of the blender is not less popular. To make sauce, take grams of the 300th not firm tofu, couple of garlic gloves, a lemon, olive oil and spices to taste. Place all ingredients in the blender and carefully mix until receive beautiful, homogeneous mass. If desired add greens. Then let's sauce infuse a couple of hours in a cold spot.

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