Recipes fruit smoothie

Recipes fruit smoothie

Fruit smoothie will ideally be entered in the menu of a low-calorie or drinking diet. Nutritious and useful drinks satisfy feeling of hunger, fill reserves of vitamins, improve digestion and promote weight reduction. Having replaced evening meal with smoothie from fruit, in a month you will be able to throw off up to 5 kg.

Smoothie from fruit — ideal drink for those who want to lose weight. Natural cocktails contain a minimum of calories and a maximum of vitamins. People who have daily a glass of fruit or vegetable smoothie seldom face avitaminosis and obesity.

Advantage fruit smoothie

Fruit smoothie is an excellent replacement to salads from fruit. On preparation of cocktails no more than 3-5 minutes leave. At the same time ingredients keep vitamins and mineral substances as aren't exposed to heat treatment.

Smoothie from fruit can be used as having a snack. Light and nutritious cocktails won't stretch a stomach wall, causing heavy feeling. Nutritionists recommend to take fruit drinks during an afternoon snack or instead of a dinner. Such dish will accelerate process of weight loss and clarification of an organism.

On fruit smoothie with pleasure children will sit down. Kids who don't favor fresh fruit with pleasure will drink the fragrant and tasty cocktail decorated with branches of greens or berries. You shouldn't add sugar to drinks — instead of it better to use honey or maple syrup.

Recipes fruit smoothie

Recipes fruit strike smoothie with the originality and a combination of ingredients. In drinks bananas and pears, plums and strawberry, bilberry and watermelon easily get on. Sometimes from fruit add fermented milk products to smoothie — fat-free kefir, a boiled fermented milk or ayran. Such cocktails help to solve a number of problems with digestion. Note the following recipes fruit smoothie and lose weight with taste.

Kefiric and banana smoothie

The girls keeping to a drinking diet can periodically cook smoothie from sweet fruit with addition of kefir. Such drink will restore forces, will satisfy feeling of hunger and will help to get rid of fatigue after the training.

Will be necessary for preparation:

  • bananas — 2–3 pieces;
  • fat-free kefir — 200 ml;
  • honey — 1 tablespoon.

Fat-free kefir can be replaced with dairy drink with a classical mass fraction of fat — 2.5%. To reduce caloric content, it is necessary to dilute liquid with water in a proportion 1:1. Honey — optional ingredient.

Bananas are cut by cubes, develop in a bowl of the blender and are filled in with kefir. Ingredients are shaken up on the maximum turns 2–3 minutes. Ready smoothie from fruit it is possible to strew with a ground cinnamon.

Water-melon and pear drink

In recipes of smoothie sometimes it is possible to meet unusual combinations of fruit. A striking example — Lily Kiss cocktail.

From fruit will be necessary for preparation of smoothie:

  • lemon — 1 piece;
  • watermelon — 300 g;
  • pear — 1 piece;
  • strawberry — 4–5 berries.

It is necessary to peel, cut a lemon in cubes and to put in a blender bowl. Other ingredients can be not crushed before beating. Ready drink is decorated with strawberry and greens.

Berry smoothie

Low-calorie and tasty smoothie turns out from watermelon, raspberry and bilberry. It is better to train him in the middle of the summer when all berries are gathered by vitamins and useful substances.

Will be necessary for berry smoothie:

  • watermelon — 300 g;
  • raspberry — 100 g;
  • bilberry — 100 g.

All ingredients are shaken up in the blender 2–3 minutes. Ready cocktail is decorated with mint leaves. At will add ice cubes to drink.

Smoothie from fruit — ideal drink for weight loss. Until the season ended, hurry up to taste useful and tasty cocktails.

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