Recipes of cocktails with absinthe

Recipes of cocktails with absinthe

Absinthe – very strong alcoholic drink. It contains from 70 to 86% of alcohol. Therefore most often it is used not in pure form, and as a part of cocktails. Absinthe – a green shade, and in cocktails can become yellow, red and even blue.

Transcendental pleasure

If there is a wish to bring to lips a glass with sky blue drink, then make romantic Clouds cocktail. Here what is required for this purpose:

- 10 ml of absinthe;

- 20 ml of silver tequila; - 20 ml elders; - 1 ml of the Baileys liqueur; - 1 ml of the Blue Curacao liqueur. Ingredients for this cocktail don't mix up, and carefully keep within layers. The first – will be an elder. The second – tequila. One milliliter is a drop. On it is necessary to add to a pile of Blue Curacao and Baileys so many.

Colourful cocktail in which the cloud of blue color lies on white is ready. It is possible to enjoy this unearthly drink.

Simple cocktail

To make the following cocktail from absinthe, the shaker is required. In it it is necessary to mix: - 30 ml of water; - 30 ml of absinthe; - 1 bar spoon of a sugar syrup. If there is no last attribute in economy, then it is possible to take a usual teaspoon in which 5 milliliters of liquid find room. Pour in the components given above in a shaker and fill it with ice on a third. It is necessary to stir up contents 12-15 seconds then it is necessary to pour in it carefully in a glass together with ice. The refreshing drink is ready.

Postfestive cocktail

If on the eve of people violently I celebrated any event and next morning feels not really well, then the drink made according to the following recipe will help to restore forces. Ingredients: - 60 ml of absinthe; - 1 protein; - 1 teaspoon of anisic syrup; - at will – a soda pop. Put ice in a shaker and add absinthe, protein and syrup. Stir up several times contents and pour it in a glass. If there is desire, then it is possible to add to it soda. The health considerably will improve, be only not overzealous that for the next day the head didn't hurt again. One portion of drink quite will be enough.

Sazerak cocktail

The following recipe of cocktail with absinthe – ancient. It is known since 1800. Drink received this name 59 years later in honor of cafe where served this cocktail. Strong drink therefore it is considered men's. It is cooked from: - absinthe; - 2 ml of Peychaud's tincture (Pisho); - 75 ml of a rye whisky; - 1 ml of the Angostura bitters; - lemon peel; - 1 cube of sugar. In a glass mix whisky with Angostura tincture, put ice there. Take a glass Olt фэшн and dissolve in it sugar with a small amount of water. Pour in this glass a little absinthe is, so much, that it was possible to turn a wine glass, and absinthe would grease its internal walls. Now it is possible to put chipped ice in a glass, to pour in a mix from whisky and control and to decorate with a lemon crust. Drink is ready.

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