Recipes of cocktails with orange juice

Recipes of cocktails with orange juice

Orange juice – one of the most popular ingredients of slozhnosostavny drinks. The bright, fresh, festive and fragrant juice of a citrus is included into recipes of the most known alcoholic cocktails of the world.

It is difficult to find the person who wouldn't love juice of this solar citrus – orange. Its bright and fresh taste is good also in itself, and as a part of difficult multicomponent drinks. There are thousands of recipes of cocktails which irreplaceable ingredient is orange juice. It is worth mentioning the most known of them.


Perhaps, the best-known and simplest cocktail in preparation with orange juice is "Screw-driver" which homeland is considered the USA. The traditional recipe of a portion of drink includes 50 milliliters of vodka, 100 milliliters of orange juice and ice. Juice and vodka mix up in a high glass then ice is added to them. Drink is served with a tubule.

Sanrayz tequila

Tasty and very effective cocktail "Sanrayz Tequila" also prepares with use of orange juice. And preparation its not much is more difficult than preparation of well-known "Screw-driver". All ingenious is simple. To mix a portion of drink, 50 milliliters of silver tequila, 150 milliliters of orange juice, 200 grams of ice, 10 milliliters of a grenadine syrup "Grenadine", an orange circle, a high glass-haydboll and a cocktail spoon will be required. However, such spoon with ease will be replaced by a usual tea spoon.

First of all it is necessary on 2/3 to fill the cooled glass with ice cubes. Further in capacity tequila is poured, and behind it it is necessary to pour in 150 milliliters of cold orange juice. The last add "Grenadine" to drink. For creation of amazing effect of a rising sun "Grenadine" should be poured in a spoon in the beginning and then to pour carefully in a glass. The gradient effect is created at the expense of a difference in density of components: the grenadine syrup has bigger density, than orange juice and tequila, and therefore will fall by a glass bottom. The last stroke – ornament from orange segment. For a bigger esthetics it is possible to add cocktail cherry and, of course, it is necessary not to forget to thrust a straw in drink.

Orange flip

Flips are the cocktails with a frothed eggs having a mild flavor, and therefore belonging to the category of ladies'. The flip needs to be drunk right after preparation. Several minutes of delay – and in a glass instead of elegant cocktail already lap something, not too appetizing by sight. Preparation of a portion of orange flip will require 20 milliliters of cognac, 40 milliliters of orange juice (it is better to take freshly squeezed), 20 milliliters of a sugar syrup, 10 milliliters of the Cointreau liqueur, 1 vitellus, 0.5 teaspoons of melkorubleny pistachio nuts, 2-3 ice cubes, a glass for champagne. Except pistachio nuts to shake up all components the mixer together with ice and to pour a creamed mixture in a glass. To decorate a surface of drink with the crushed pistachio nuts. There are many recipes of the alcoholic and soft mixed beverages including orange juice. And not without reason among bartenders there is an introduction that a cranberry and orange juice definitely not to spoil cocktail.

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