Recipes of dishes of French cuisine: onions soup

Recipes of dishes of French cuisine: onions soup

Onions soup – traditional first course which is considered the real symbol of the French cookery. And the same as tomato soup to the USA, Russian cabbage soup in Russia and volume of holes in Thailand. But it is possible to provide and at home a small corner of France, having made tasty soup.

The following ingredients – 5-6 bulbs of the average size, 3-4 tablespoons of the kindled desi, 3 tablespoons of wheat flour of the first grade, 5-6 glasses of in advance made vegetable or meat soup, 3-4 pieces of bay leaf, salt and a black sprinkling pepper, 1 glass of grated hard cheese and croutons from white loaf will be necessary for you for preparation of traditional Parisian onions soup.

At first cut the main ingredient of soup on large cubes and lower about a stewpan with previously warmed desi. Constantly stirring slowly, fry vegetables before acquisition of saturated golden or even brownish color by them. Then gradually fill up flour in a stewpan, but very slowly, constantly stirring slowly that in a stewpan lumps weren't formed. After that fill in all broth, a lavrushka, pepper in ware and it is a little salt, thus soup has to cook within 30-35 minutes. Upon termination of this time take out bay leaf from a stewpan.

This ingredient will only be stirred in ready soup, and further it isn't necessary as it gave to a dish the smell.

It is necessary to serve this dish poured in portion cups, having added to each handful of croutons and approximately by the fourth part of a grated cheese. But you don't hurry to bear onions soup to a table at once. At first put cups in a warm oven that cheese was completely kindled. This dish is very tasty!

In suburbs of Paris, at the real traditional small restaurants and farmer snackbars, onions soup is cooked a little differently – with cream and in pots. The following ingredients – a little (about 100-120 g) fat, 2-3 bulbs, salt and pepper, 3-4 glasses of water (depending on desirable density of a dish), 200-300 g of croutons of white loaf, 150-200 g of cheese, 6-8 tablespoons of cream fat (25% better) will be necessary for you. Cut fat on small pieces and fry in a stewpan to a condition of softening and release of fat. After that remove cracklings from ware, enclose the onions cut on thin half rings in a stewpan, lower fire to minimum and you extinguish ingredients until vegetables don't turn into uniform puree. Then add salt and pepper, fill in ingredients with water, bring stewpan contents to the boil and lower fire to minimum. After that you cook soup of 25-28 more minutes. Pour the cooked onions soup on pots, strew liquid with a cheese handful, add 2 spoons of cream to everyone, from above put croutons and the formed cracklings. After that put pots in an oven at a temperature of 160 wasps at 5-6 minutes that ingredients once again properly got warm, and cheese melted. Also in France, its capital and in quite cities, remote from Paris, cook various options of traditional onions soup.

To some add pieces of the cut boiled egg, to others – pieces quail.

Very popular ingredient for this dish is also the crushed celery root, brynza pieces instead of a hard cheese, the garlic segments adding to soup the known sharpness and savor and also other ingredients to taste.

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