Recipes of inexpensive alcoholic cocktails

Recipes of inexpensive alcoholic cocktails

House party - an excellent reason for tasting of various cocktails. For their preparation it isn't obligatory to buy rare and expensive ingredients. You can manage available alcohol, fruit and vegetable juices, syrups and a basic set of spices. From this simple set it is possible to prepare the real cocktail mix for every taste.

Cocktails on the basis of vodka: simply and cheap

The most available alcohol which is ideal for cocktails - vodka. For its one portion it will be required very little. Vodka can be added with juice, sparkling water, cream and other components.

Try to make simple alcoholic cocktail with mint and citruses.

It is required to you: - 0.25 l of vodka; - 0.5 glasses of mint syrup; - 0.5 glasses of sparkling water; - 1 orange; - 0.5 lemons.

Instead of syrup it is possible to use a peppermint-flavored liqueur.

Squeeze out juice of orange and a half of a lemon, rub a dried peel on a small grater. In a shaker mix juice with vodka and syrup. Pour mix on glasses, add to everyone a little sparkling water and put several ice cubes. Serve cocktail with a straw. As a dessert or a didzhestiv it is possible to serve sweet coffee cocktail. It is required to you: - 1 glass of milk; - 1 teaspoon of instant coffee; - 1 egg; - 3 teaspoons of sugar; - 1 glass of vodka. Pound egg with sugar, add instant coffee. Boil milk, slightly cool it and in the portions add to egg mix, constantly shaking up. Cool, and then pour in vodka and mix. Pour cocktail on thick-walled low glasses, every portion it is possible to add with a small amount of small chipped ice. One of the simplest cocktails of fresh orange juice and vodka finds the judges at any party. It is required to you: - 0.5 glasses of vodka; - 0.5 glasses of orange juice. Squeeze out juice of oranges in advance and freeze it in the fridge. In the mixer mix juice with vodka, pour on glasses, add ice and at once give.

The glass with cocktail can be decorated with a sugar rim. Grease edge of a glass with egg white, and then dip it into granulated sugar. Pour cocktail carefully not to wash away a decor.

Simply, but it is refined: cocktails on the basis of brandy

For preparation of such cocktails expensive cognac isn't necessary. Take good brandy - worthy drinks make in many countries, from France to Armenia. Try unusual, but very tasty combination of cocoa, cognac and sour cream. Chocolate cocktail can be served together with an espresso cup. It is required to you: - 1 glass of cognac; - 3 tablespoons of sugar; - 1 tablespoon of powder of cocoa; - 3 tablespoons of water; - 1 glass of sparkling water; - 2 tablespoons of sour cream. From cocoa, water and sugar weld syrup. As soon as mix begins to boil, remove it from fire, cool, mix with sour cream, and then pour in cognac and sparkling water. Shake up mix in the mixer and pour on glasses. It is separately possible to give ice cubes.

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