Recipes of marinades for a shish kebab

Recipes of marinades for a shish kebab

The summer is associated with trips to the nature and picnics. The rare picnic does without shish kebab. And, above all a condition of a tasty shish kebab - correctly pickled meat. But to understand to what marinade to give personal preference, it is necessary to try at least several options.

Onions marinade

Onions marinade is likely the most popular and traditional marinade from all existing. Well is suitable for meat of mutton, beef, pork. Its structure is quite simple: meat, onions, well and of course, pepper. Onions there has to be a little more than a half of meat. Approximately on 1 kilogram of meat - 700 grams of onions. Onions need to be crushed to kashitseobrazny consistence. It is possible to make it or by means of the blender, or having grated it. Meat pieces need to be mixed with onions and pepper and to pickle not less than two - three hours. Before frying a shish kebab, onions are removed.

Wine marinade

Good basis for marinade - wine. For beef is, perhaps, the most ideal option. Except one and a half kilograms of meat this marinade requires 2 - 3 glasses of red dry wine, 3 onions, on 2 tablespoons of juice of a lemon and ground black pepper and also 1 tablespoon of sugar. As beef needs to be pickled longer, it will be best of all to make it for the night. To mix the onions cut with half rings with the listed ingredients, to fill in with wine and to leave in the fridge for about 10 hours.

Kefiric marinade

It is possible to pickle in such a way any meat including chicken, and therefore kefiric marinade is universal. The amount of onions, as well as pickling time, at such way is considerably reduced. On one and a half kilograms of any meat it is necessary to take liter of kefir and kilograms of onions. As spices, it is possible to use khmeli suneli, there will be enough one tablespoon, plus 10 peas of pepper. The onions cut into cubes need to be mixed with seasonings, to mix with meat and to fill in all this with kefir. Pickle 2 hours.

Mustard and honey marinade

Such marinade will be ideal for mutton meat though in such a way definitely not to spoil beef and pork. On one and a half kilograms of meat it is required on a tablespoon of honey and mustard and also on a teaspoon of caraway seeds and a sprinkling pepper, we add a dried peel of orange to taste. The feature of this marinade is that they need to grate meat just before preparation. It is better to beat off pork or beef for such marinade. 

Marinade from tomato

Tomato marinade perfectly will approach not only meat, but also fish. On one and a half kilograms of meat or fillet of fish the kilogram tomato and half a kilo of onions and also a teaspoon of a sprinkling pepper and basilicas is required. To mix the tomatoes cut on halves or quarters with the onions cut with half rings and spices. If it is necessary to pickle meat in such a way 4 hours, then for fish there will be enough hour.

That the shish kebab turned out is more juicy and is more gentle, it is necessary to salt it only before preparation. It is possible to add any spices to any of the offered marinades to taste.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team