Recipes of milkshakes

Recipes of milkshakes

Milkshakes are any cocktails on the basis of milk or a dairy products. It is possible to make tasty milkshake from yogurt, kefir, cream and other useful ingredients.

It is required to you

  • Milk, ice cream, yogurt, syrups, juice, honey, sugar, cocoa.


1. "Classical milkshake" is cooked from 300 g of ice cream, 1 l of milk, syrup strawberry, chocolate or cherry, fresh berries. Shake up in the blender not less than a minute, give in a tall glass with straws. The amount of milk and ice cream can be changed. If you add syrup, milkshake will pleasantly change taste. It is possible to experiment with various grades of ice cream, having added chocolate, water-melon, pistachio or caramel.

2. "Fruit milkshake" is cooked from 300 g of ice cream, 500 ml of milk or drinking yogurt, a glass of reasonable fruit and berries: melons, peaches, Victoria, bananas. Just mix everything in the blender.

3. The Black gold coffee milkshake is cooked from liter of milk, 200 g of ice cream, a cup strong of coffee and spoons of honey. Mix everything in the kitchen blender. Put pieces of fruit.

4. Riviera cocktail is cooked from 20 ml of Passion syrup, 20 ml of Melon, 50 ml of juice of mango, 100 g of ice cream. Put everything in the blender and mix.

5. Lemon Ice-krim cocktail includes in structure 500 g of lemon ice cream, 200 ml of fresh lemon juice, 500 g of tinned fruit and lemonade. Fill in ice cream with fruit in a glass with lemon juice and set aside for 10 minutes. Add lemonade in glasses.

6. Kobler "A red star" - too milkshake which is cooked from 500 g of ice cream and 500 ml of crimson syrup and also 500 ml of raspberry fruit drink and 500 g of tinned fruit. Fill a glass half with pounded ice, put fruit and ice cream and pour in syrup. Add raspberry fruit drink to the last turn.

7. Romantic cocktail "Chocolate Hare" is cooked, of course from 1 tsp of cocoa powder and 2 tablespoons of sugar and also 1 glass of milk and 200 g of ice cream. Shake up everything in the blender. It is possible to add a pinch of ground cinnamon.

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