Recipes of morning toasts and sandwiches with a soft cheese of the Brie and Camembert types

Recipes of morning toasts and sandwiches with a soft cheese of the Brie and Camembert types

Sandwiches with cheese of versions "Camembert" and "Brie" - a dish unusually gentle and tasty which besides is preparing quickly and simply. In the European countries it is quite frequent attribute of a breakfast which is capable to load with good mood and energy for all day.

With "Camembert" and "Brie" the following ingredients – white loaf (for 2 portions 4 toasts), one head of a soft cheese with a white mold, couple of tablespoons of cranberry sauce, 20-40 grams of a desi and literally several drops of balsam vinegar will be necessary for you for preparation of the simplest toasts.

Oil grain toasts, then put cheese pieces on the clean party of two of them. Add a little vinegar over cheese and also a spoon of cranberry sauce. Close toasts the rests, besides the clean party to cheese and oil up. Fry toasts in a frying pan before emergence of appetizing golden color. Before giving cut toasts in half.

More rich dish for a breakfast – fried sandwiches with a soft molded cheese and ham. Take the following ingredients – 4 toasts for 2 portions, 30-40 grams of a desi, one apple of the average size, a piece of ham, a cheese in 100-120 grams, a pinch of a black pepper for aroma and couple of branches of curly parsley for ornament. In this recipe the ordinary toaster or a frying pan by means of which it is necessary to fry bread pieces previously will become the excellent assistant for you.

Smear two toasts with oil over which lay out ham pieces, then apples and segments of cheese. Pepper ingredients, close bread pieces from above and fry in a frying pan of 4-5 more minutes. On a table to morning tea or coffee give toasts, cut on two parts with parsley branches.

In Greece and the countries of the Mediterranean at some restaurants it is possible to taste also tasty Camembert cheese or "Brie", walnuts sandwiches and a fig. For this dish the following ingredients – 1 bun ciabatta, 2 ripe fruits of an inzhirovy tree, a half of a cheese, 2 tablespoons of the crushed walnuts without shell, as much fragrant liquid honey, to taste of a little olive oil and a green salad will be necessary.

At first cut ciabatta on two parts across, then each of them lengthways in half. Thus you receive 4 pieces of bread. Fry each of them on both sides before emergence of an appetizing golden crust. In separate ware mix honey and nuts. On a little cooled down bread lay out a green salad, then pieces of cheese, fig segment, honey and nut mix. Then cover ingredients from above with the second piece of ciabatta. The dish is ready!

Rye toasts with cheese will be not less tasty also. Prepare the following products – 1 head of "Camembert" or "Brie", literally 50-60 grams of mascarpone cheese, it is a little sour cream, steam of tablespoons of the cut onions shallot, ½ teaspoons of seeds of caraway seeds, a pinch of a black fragrant pepper, 50-60 grams of a desi, the fresh rye bread cut on toasts.

In one ware mix both cheeses cut into small pieces, onions, sour cream, caraway seeds and pepper. Well mix ingredients. Warm an oven to 180-200 degrees Celsius, lay out on a baking tray rye toasts with small pieces of oil, fry them within 5-6 minutes before emergence of a light hrustkost. Cool bread, put the prepared mix paste on the lower toasts, cover with the soulmate of a rye bread.

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