Recipes of salads from carrots with garlic

Recipes of salads from carrots with garlic

Carrots and garlic – a simple set of products for creation of light meal. Try different recipes of this dish with sour cream, nuts and mayonnaise found by home-made sauce or make juicy carrot salad in Korean.

The simple recipe of salad from carrots with garlic


- 4 carrots; - 4 segments of garlic;

- 3 tablespoons of sour cream; - pinch of a black sprinkling pepper; - 0.5 tsps of salt.

Simple carrot salad can be made easier, having replaced sour cream with fat-free yogurt or, on the contrary, more high-calorie, using mayonnaise. In the second case reduce a portion of salt.

Peel carrots and largely rub. Crush garlic segments in a special press. Connect both main ingredients of salad in one bowl and properly mix. Strew snack with pepper and salt, fill in with sour cream and again vent. Sustain a dish in the fridge within an hour, then give on a table.

Fast carrots garlic and nuts salad

Ingredients: - 3 carrots; - 2-3 segments of garlic; - handful of kernels of walnuts; - 3 tablespoons of mayonnaise; - salt. Dry walnut kernels in an oven and pound in a mortar or the coffee grinder. Mix grated carrots with davleny garlic, ground nuts, mayonnaise and you dosolit if necessary.

Original carrots garlic salad

Ingredients: - 2 carrots; - 3 segments of garlic; - 1 egg; - 4 tablespoons of vegetable oil; - 1 tsps of lemon juice; - on 0.5 tsps of a grated root of ginger, a dried thyme and dry mustard; - 1/3 tsps of sugar; - pinch of a black sprinkling pepper; - salt.

Products for preparation of sauce have to be room temperature therefore get them from the fridge in 40 minutes prior to cooking.

Crush carrot on a large grater together with garlic. Make sauce for salad, for this purpose shake up egg the mixer, gradually pour in vegetable oil. Add lemon juice, mustard, a thyme, ginger, sugar and a black pepper. Stir mix, won't become homogeneous yet then fill with it vegetables and add some salt to taste.

Carrot garlic salad in Korean

Ingredients: - 4 carrots; - 7 segments of garlic; - 1/3 tsps of mix of three pepper (red, white and black); - 0.5 tsps of dried green mix (parsley, celery, parsnip); - 5 tablespoons of sesame or vegetable oil; - 1 tsps of balsam vinegar. Take a usual or special grater for the Korean salads and make straws of carrots. Warm sesame or vegetable oil in a stewpan, quickly roast in it mixes of roots and pepper and also chopped garlic. You weary all 3 minutes, having lowered fire to a minimum, remove from a plate and at once fill in carrots. Close it a cover and stir up several times. Water salad with balsam vinegar and stir.

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