Recipes of salads with brynza

Recipes of salads with brynza

The brine-ripened cheese brynza is cooked from milk – goat or sheep – and has rather bright sour-milk taste. This product is very popular among fans of the Moldavian, Polish, Romanian, Bulgarian and Ukrainian dishes.

It is a little about brynza

Brynza is so popular not only because of a pleasant flavor, but also because of rich mineral and vitamin structure. This product at production doesn't go through a stage of heat treatment and therefore keeps in itself a set of useful substances: vitamin A, vitamins of groups B, C,E and also sodium, calcium and phosphorus.

Often brynza is served to a table as an independent dish – the sliced salty snack decorated with greens and a fresh vegetables. However this cheese is also used at preparation of various vegetable dishes, sandwiches, pies and even vareniki. But most often brynza is added to various salads.

If on your taste brynza too salty, place it in the cooled-down boiled water at several o'clock.

Variety of recipes

Because of rather saturated salty smack brynza is perfectly combined with a fresh vegetables, especially with tomatoes. You can make juicy fresh salad with a minimum of ingredients. For this purpose take: - cheese brynza – 100 g; - fresh tomatoes – about 8 pieces; - fresh parsley – 30 g; - sour cream – 100 ml. Carefully wash up tomatoes and cut segments. Cut brynza small squares or grate. Pour everything into a big bowl, add sour cream and small cut green parsley. If desired you can add salt and pepper. If you don't like to fill salads with sour cream, replace it with olive oil.

Good news to those who keep a figure: brynza is considered a dietary product, in it much less fat, than in others, not brine, cheeses.

If you want to make nourishing brynza salad, take: - cheese brynza – 200 g; - prunes – 100 g; - walnuts – 100 g; - egg – 2 pieces; - chicken breast – 1 piece. At first boil chicken until ready (try not to digest, otherwise the breast will become rigid). Then boil hard boiled eggs, cut them in small cubes. Also cut chicken in cubes or strips, and brynza - medium-sized equal squares. Carefully wash up prunes and fill in with boiled water. When prunes bulk up, remove from it stones and small cut. Crush walnuts in a crumb. Mix all ingredients and dress salad with mayonnaise. If desired add salt and pepper. If you want to surprise guests with unusual summer salad, mix 500 grams of the pulp of watermelon cut in cubes, 200 grams of cheese brynza and add to mix of several cleaned pumpkin sunflower seeds.

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