Recipes of salads with green peas

Recipes of salads with green peas

At the mention of green peas salad, only Russian salad is remembered at once. But it appears, with this preserved food it is possible to prepare a set of the most tasty dishes.

Almost any New year doesn't do without Russian salad on a holiday table. The recipe of this dish is very simple though each hostess will have small recipes. For preparation of classical option of Russian salad it is necessary to take: 400 grams of green peas; 300 grams of beef, chickens or sausages; 4 eggs; 300 grams of potatoes; 150 grams of cucumbers: salty, fresh or marinated; 100-150 grams of onions; salt and mayonnaise to taste. If for the recipe meat is chosen, then it needs to be boiled to full readiness. With sausage salad will develop a few other taste, but such option is pleasant to much. It is the best of all to cook potatoes in a peel, and before cleaning it needs to be cooled.

It is worth cutting onions, meat or sausage, potato, cucumbers for Russian salad in cubes, previously to boil eggs hard-boiled and then to crumble small. To all components of salad it is necessary to add green peas, carefully to mix everything. In the beginning salad needs to be salted, and then to dress with mayonnaise. It is possible to decorate a dish with fresh greens, to lay out in the form of a fir-tree or the beautiful hill.

For giving of bright accents it is possible to add boiled carrots to Russian salad.

If in the fridge there are no sausage or meat, and there is a strong wish for some salad with green peas, it is possible to prepare the facilitated version of Russian salad. For this purpose it is necessary to take: To 1 bank of green peas; 300 grams of cucumbers, are possible fresh or tinned; 3 eggs; lettuce leaves; salt and mayonnaise. Eggs need to be boiled and shelled, then small to crumble. Cucumbers should be cut into cubes, to break off lettuce leaves hands and to mix with peas, eggs. Salt is in that case added to taste, and all salad it is possible to dress with mayonnaise. Such salad very light and tasty, will be suitable for the daily menu and will become pleasant addition of a heavy holiday table.

As the summer and fall are a time of a fresh vegetables, it is worth using such gifts of the nature and to make such favourite green peas salad on their basis. For the most summer salad it is necessary to take: 300 grams of a fresh white cabbage; 300 grams of meat, chicken or smoked sausage; To 1 bank of peas; 3 eggs; 150 grams of carrots; salt and mayonnaise. Meat or chicken before preparation need to be boiled, as for Russian salad. Sausage or meat should be cut on pieces, to chop cabbage straws, to grate carrot. Eggs should be boiled, peeled and to cut small. Mix them with other products, add green peas to salad. A dish it is necessary to dress with mayonnaise and to salt to taste.

Big advantage of such dish is that a fresh vegetables which is vitamin-rich are its part. If to remove sausage from salad, it is quite possible to fill it with vegetable or olive oil. Quite light dish will turn out.

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