Recipes of salting herring

Recipes of salting herring

Herring is salted in a brine or a dry salting. The field of a salting fish is frequent smoke or pickle. If for herring to add mustard, bell pepper and other spices to a brine, then darling many a herring solted with spices will turn out.

Easy way salt herring

To salt herring in a brine, it will be required to you: - 2 kilograms of a fresh herring; - 3 ½ cups of salt;

- 1 liter of the filtered water.

In this recipe water can be replaced with dry red or white wine. So at fish unusual, but very pleasant smack is required.

Mix water with I will drain. Disturb until all salt isn't dissolved without the rest and saturated solution will turn out. Cut herring – clean, cut off gills, take an entrails and put in glass or pottery and fill in with a brine. Sustain fish within 3-4 hours, then wash a baking plate with cold, flowing water and dry if you want to smoke or pickle herring or you store in a brine in the fridge.

Dry salting

To salt herring a dry salting, take: - viscerated fresh herring; - coarse salt. In a glass form for roasting fill a thick layer of salt. Wash out a fish carcass and dry, cut on fillet, put so that flesh was inside, and skin outside and put on salt. From above fill still a thick layer of coarse salt, wrap up a form in food wrap and place from above cargo. To Solita herring within 2-3 days, then wet for 2-3 hours in fresh water, wash out and pickle, you smoke or you store in vegetable oil.

The salty herring can be stored within 4-5 months.

Herring solted with spices

For a herring solted with spices take: - 1 kilogram of the cut herring; - 1 liter of the filtered water; - 3 tablespoons of salt; - 2 tablespoons of sugar; - 1 bay leaf; - 5 buds of a carnation; - 10 peas of allspice; - 1 teaspoon of seeds of a coriander.

For salting choose a large, fat herring with a wide back.

Prepare a brine. Pour in water in a small pan, add salt and pepper, allspice, a coriander, a carnation and bay leaf. Bring to the boil, stirring slowly, wait when salt and sugar completely are dissolved. Remove from fire and cool a spicy brine. Put herring in a glass or clay container, fill in with a brine. It has to cover fish completely. Cover with food wrap. Salting has to continue not less than 12-15 hours.

How to pickle salty herring

Pickles - herring preprocessing before pickling. To make a marinated herring, it is required to you: - 500 grams of salty herring; - 2 glasses of white wine vinegar; - ¼ glasses of sugar; - 1 teaspoon of mustard grains; - 5 peas of allspice; - 1 teaspoon of peas of a black pepper; - 2 bay leaves; - 1 garlic glove; - 1 lemon; - 1 head of red onions. Cut a lemon segments, and an onions head half rings. Wash out a herring. Pour in vinegar in a saucepan, add sugar, fragrant and black pepper, bay leaf and garlic. Bring to the boil and cool. Put herring in bank, alternating onions and slices of a lemon, fill in with marinade, close a cover and remove in the fridge at least for 12 hours. Such herring can be stored in the fridge within a month.

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