Recipes of simple and useful dishes: beet salad

Recipes of simple and useful dishes: beet salad

Beet – useful vegetable from which it is possible to prepare a set of tasty dishes. Also the long period of storage is among its special advantages that allows it even not to lose the valuable nutritive properties in the winter. The fresh, boiled and baked beet – a fine basis for a set of simple and useful salads.

How to cook beet for салатовВ some salads beet it is possible to add in the raw. So, for example, many do a herring under a fur coat with crude beet. But it is necessary to remember that fresh beet is contraindicated to the people having a cholelithic and pochechnokamenny disease other dysfunction of kidneys also belong to contraindications. Beet juice and crude beet can't also be eaten that who has an excessive acidity, chronic indigestions, hypotonia, diabetes, gout and rheumatoid arthritis. Therefore if you want beet dishes really to be useful, it is better to subject it to temperature processing after all.

When boiling many useful substances which are contained in beet pass into water that they remained to the maximum, it is recommended to bake beet in an oven. For this purpose it needs to be washed up previously, having cut off a tip and a tail. Then dry a root crop a paper kitchen towel, slightly cover it with olive oil, densely wrap up it in a foil and by means of a toothpick make in it several openings. Bake beet in an oven at a temperature of 200-220os 1-1.5 hours, preparation time depends on a grade of beet and its size. Such semi-finished product can be used as a basis for useful and tasty salads.

If time isn't enough, it is possible to cook beet in the microwave, having put in a plastic bag and having densely tied it. Preparation time of such beet of 15-20 minutes.

Beet prunes salad and орехамиСалат belongs to some of the most popular dishes from vegetables, but simple and fast beet prunes and nuts salad can be considered the real delicacy which will decorate any holiday table. For its preparation it will be required to you: - 1 large baked beet; - ½ glasses of the peeled walnuts; - 4-5 pieces of prunes; - ½ garlic gloves; - 3-4 tablespoons of mayonnaise; - black sprinkling pepper; - little chopped fresh greens; - salt to taste.

As well as for preparation of the majority of salads from vegetables, for such beet salads it is better to use olive oil and to replace purchased mayonnaise house.

Previously wet prunes, having filled in with its boiled water. Chop nuts a knife, but not really small. Grate beet. Miss garlic through a chaser. Mix all ingredients in a bowl, pepper a little, add mayonnaise, try on salt and, if necessary, to a dosolita. Lay out salad in a salad bowl, decorate from above with fresh greens. Beet orange salad and to goat syromva will be required: - 100 g of a hard goat cheese; - 2 large boiled or baked beets; - 2 sweet oranges; - 200 g of a white cabbage; - 2 tablespoons of olive oil; - 1 tsps of light liquid honey; - lemon juice ¼; - fresh chopped greens; - black sprinkling pepper; - salt to taste. Grate beet and cheese. Clean orange, sort on segments if it is possible, remove from them a skin. Cut orange segments across, everyone – on 5-6 pieces. Chop cabbage small, powder with salt a little and slightly you remember. Put everything in a bowl, mix. Make gas station, having mixed in separate ware olive oil, lemon juice and honey to homogeneous dense mass. Pour out gas station in a bowl, add chopped greens, pepper a few salad, mix, salt to taste.

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