Recipes of tasty fruit liqueurs

Recipes of tasty fruit liqueurs

Home-made fruit liqueurs - a great way to diversify home bar. Vishnevka, the ternovka, a slivyanka will be useful also for a chamber house party, and for a celebration. Experimenting with different fruit and berries, you will be able to invent own original recipe.

Mix fruit liqueur

Components for this original fruit liqueur need to be collected several months. The most difficult is to wait for result patiently. But it is worth it. In half a year after the beginning of process you receive fragrant drink with many-sided and bright taste.

It is required to you: - 1 kg of strawberry;

- 1 kg of apricots; - 1 kg of cherry; - 1 kg of blackcurrant;

- 1 kg of raspberry; - 2.5 kg of sugar; - 5 liters of vodka.

In a three-liter large bottle pour out berries and fruit in process of their maturing. At first lay out the washed-out and dried strawberry and 500 g of sugar in capacity. When apricots keep up, place them in the same capacity and add 500 more g of sugar. Then pour blackcurrant, raspberry and cherry, every time into a large bottle pouring berries in the new portion of sugar. After filling of each grade tie a bottle neck with a gauze and you hold capacity in the sun. Having poured the last portion of berries, you hold a large bottle in the sun 2 more weeks. Fill in in capacity vodka, densely to a zakuporta with a stopper and remove a large bottle in a cold spot. Then filter fruit liqueur, pour it on bottles, a zakuporta everyone. It is possible to serve fruit liqueur to a table in 3-4 months.


It is one of the most popular types of fruit liqueurs. Use the Hungarian plums, they most of all are suitable for insisting. It is required to you: - 2 kg of plums; - 800 g of sugar; - 1 liter of vodka. In a large bottle with a wide throat fill up the washed-out and dried plums. Fill in them with vodka so that it completely covered fruits. Put capacity to the dark place for 6 weeks, having densely closed it. Then merge vodka in separate capacity and fill up plums with sugar. Again to a zakuporta large bottle. In 2 weeks decant the formed syrup and mix it with earlier merged vodka. Filter fruit liqueur, pour it on bottles and densely a zakuporta. Drink it will be ready-to-serve in half a year.

Fruit liqueur of their apples

For preparation of drink use fragrant late grades of apples, for example, Antonovka or a rennet. It is required to you: - 2.5 kg of apples; - 1.5 liters of vodka; - 7.5 liters of water; - 2 kg of sugar. Clean apples and cut on pieces. Lay out fruits in a big large bottle, fill in them with vodka and cold boiled water. Tie a large bottle neck with a gauze and deliver capacity to the sun for 2 weeks. Daily shake up it. When apples emerge up, filter liquid through a gauze, add sugar and deliver the container with fruit liqueur to the sun for 2 days. Then take out capacity in a cold spot and you hold 10 days there. Filter fruit liqueur, pour it on bottles, a zakuporta traffic jams and remove during cold. Drink will be ready in 3 weeks.

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