Red onions: advantage and harm for a human body"

Red onions: advantage and harm for a human body"

The taste of onions can be pleasant not to everyone, but at the same time it is considered excellent addition of salads, the first and second courses. As an alternative habitual white onions can consider red option of vegetable which has many attractive characteristics.

Caloric content and chemical composition

Red onions perfectly are suitable for fresh use and not only thanks to the color, but also a large amount of useful vitamins and minerals in structure.

Only 41 kcal are the share of 100 g, and a ratio I WATCH is expressed in the following figures:

  • proteins — 1.4 g;
  • fats — 0.2 g;
  • carbohydrates — 8.2 g.

In addition you should not forget also about other, even more important components:

  • vitamins: PP, H, C, E, B1, B2, B5, B6, B9;
  • minerals: iodine, zinc, iron, fluorine, chrome, copper, aluminum, nickel, manganese;
  • macrocells: calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium, sulfur, chlorine;
  • to ashes (1 g / 100);
  • starch (0.1 g / 100);
  • mono - and disaccharides (8.1 g / 100);
  • organic acids (0.2 g / 100);
  • food fibers (3 g / 100).

Whether you know? Libya is a champion on consumption of onions per capita. By approximate calculations, the average citizen of this country eats not less than 33 kg of this vegetable a year, adding it to various dishes.

Everything together they provide an organism with a valuable reserve of nutrients, however, it is possible to achieve it only at regular consumption of red onions.

Than red onions are useful

Considering the given set of useful components of structure red (or violet) onions, it is simple to assume that it has only positive impact on a human body.

Study useful properties of onions shallot, a leek, slizun and onions.

So, the people who are regularly using a product can hope on:

  • lowering of the level of cholesterol in an organism;
  • improvement of a cellular membrane of erythrocytes of blood;
  • good prevention of cardiac illnesses;
  • increase in immune forces of an organism;
  • reduction of risk of development of oncological states (in particular, cancer of a large intestine, throat, ovaries and breast);
  • anti-toxic impact on an organism;
  • maintenance of health of intestines;
  • stimulation of growth of indumentum;
  • decrease in level of sugar in blood.

In addition, you should not forget also about the specific advantage of red onions which is defined by a sex of the person (the same concerns napiform).

For women

Besides already listed properties (they touch also a female body), it is worth mentioning also some other characteristics concerning only women.

So, vegetable has positive impact on their organism in the period of a menopause, considerably reducing fragility of bones and a possibility of development of osteoporosis and also improves rheological indicators of blood during pregnancy, thereby preventing formation of blood clots and raising hemoglobin.

Besides, all range of important components will help to exclude development of avitaminosis and will keep a healthy type of skin therefore it is not necessary to think long whether onions are useful even if it is about a white napiform version.

For men

Not less useful red onions will appear also for a male part of the population. It considerably increases testosterone level in an organism of men, thereby increasing quality of their life and providing inflow of forces.

At the same time such red vegetable helps to struggle with the latent depression, improves mood, stabilizes an erection and even struggles with obesity. Fresh bulbous juice increases quality of semen and a libido.

Important! For the maximum consumption of all useful minerals and vitamins, it is desirable to eat vegetable in the raw, without striking it to long heat treatment.

Contraindications and harm

Many people consider red onions absolutely harmless product, but actually everything is not so simple. There are several contraindications to its use, ignoring which the health can do much harm significantly, having aggravated the available problems. Distinguish from the main:

  • pathological processes in kidneys and a liver;
  • gastritis, pancreatitis, colitis, ulcers and the increased acidity of a stomach;
  • meteorizm;
  • frequent allergic reactions;
  • individual intolerance of the making components.

Besides, you should not be fond of red onions during pregnancy and feeding of the kid a breast as he is capable to cause heartburn, the increased gas generation and even gripes at the pregnant woman, and at some people the development of diarrhea is not excluded.

How tasty to pickle red onions

If you want to use vegetable in salads or to prepare as independent snack, just pickle several bulbs. There is a lot of recipes of a similar dish, but we will consider one of the most tasty and simple options, with use of lemon juice.


  • red onions — 3 pieces;
  • sugar — 1 tsp;
  • allspice — 1 pinch;
  • the lemon juice which is squeezed out of one lemon.

Process of preparation of marinated onions:

  1. We clean bulbs from a peel and we cut rings (it is possible also half rings).
  2. We move them to a container with lid and we fill up with sugar, having a little powdered with pepper.
  3. We squeeze out lemon juice in a separate cup and, having removed all stones, we pour it to onions.
  4. Well we mix everything, we stir up the closed capacity and we leave to become impregnated for 2–3 hours.

Important! Red onions seldom differ in the burning bitterness, but if such copy got to you, then before preparation it is possible to wet bulbs in water. It will a little reduce unpleasant and sharp taste.

Ready "dish" can be used as additive to a shish kebab, salads or just as independent snack, it will not taste bitter and will not leave unpleasant aftertaste.

Video: marinovka of red onions

Application in traditional medicine

Thanks to a wide range of the useful properties, red onions found application not only in cookery, but also in traditional medicine where it can be used as good means in fight against liver illnesses, manifestations of cold, a helminthic invasion and diabetes. Besides, there are data and on its advantage as a part of recipes of prostatitis.

For treatment of a liver

As a part of juice of red onions contains many substances having positive impact on work of the principal cleaning organ of an organism — a liver.

For treatment and cleaning of a liver in traditional medicine, repeshok ordinary, oats, a barberry and meal of a thistle also use a thistle.

They help to remove toxins and to normalize its activity, and preparation of such treatment-and-prophylactic medicine requires some small cut bulbs (500 g) and almost as much sugar (450 g).

Having connected them together, it is necessary to place the received gruel in glass capacity and to place in storage to the dark and cool place. In 10 days, mix is got, wring out juice and use 3 tablespoons a day, for half an hour to food. The course of treatment makes 1–3 weeks, but it is better to discuss duration of therapy with the doctor. It is interesting that at diseases of a gall bladder and bodies of a GIT, application of the described means is contraindicated, therefore if in an organism there are similar frustration, then it is necessary to find other option.

Important! Onions with sugar cannot be insisted in the fridge, at an opportunity it is desirable to find the cellar or other similar room with similar conditions.

You should not use also onions juice at functional disorder of a liver, it is better to use infusion only as prophylactic for cleaning of body and of cirrhosis.

At cold

At catarrhal diseases the national recipes in many cases become an excellent alternative to purchased pharmaceutical drugs, not only removing symptoms, but also improving the general condition of an organism. One of such useful products are red onions for which increase in advantage it is possible to mix it with honey.

At the first manifestations of cold, juice from two heads of red vegetable needs to be connected to honey just in the same proportions and to accept 20 ml of 4-5 times a day, without washing down with anything. A course of treatment — 3–4 days or before total disappearance of symptoms, however, in the presence of problems with a stomach it is worth looking for other, softer means.

At diabetes

At the increased sugar level in blood or for prevention of development of diabetes it is possible to use mix from 3 tablespoons of siliculose haricot which are small cut bilberry leaves and bulbous juice (in the same quantity).

We recommend to get acquainted with types of vitamins for patients with diabetes.

The received structure is filled in with water and boiled for 20 minutes. Take medicine in the cooled state on 3 tablespoons a day. A course of treatment — up to 2 weeks though it is sometimes better not to exceed a week boundary (for example, at the same diseases of a stomach).

At prostatitis

Onions were always considered as one of the most effective ways of increase in sexual desire and quality of sperm at men therefore it is no wonder that the red version can be used in the medical purposes at prostatitis. At a sharp stage infusion from two crushed heads of vegetable and 0.5 l of boiled water which after half-hour infusion it is necessary to accept on 50 ml each hour will help.

Alternatively it is possible to mix powder of seeds of onions with the same amount of honey and to use ready mix on 1 tsp three times a day. If to trust responses, then such means perfectly helps and when prostatitis is provoked by development of venereal illnesses (in particular, syphilis, gonorrhea, etc.).

Whether you know? In the 1st century AD the diabetes was considered as result of a sting of a snake, and the term appeared thanks to the Ancient Greek doctor Aretey who practiced medicine in Cappadocia.

From helminths

Red onions are known for the disinfecting influence therefore it is used as ingredient for medical mixes from helminths. The recipe for a medicine is simple: 1 average bulb needs to be cleaned and, having cut on two parts, to fill in 240 ml of hot water.

The received structure is drawn within 7 hours, and then accept 80 ml of drink twice a day before meal. The course of treatment makes 5 days. In a word, even such simple vegetable as red onions, conceals in itself the mass of useful qualities therefore before considering alternative options of treatment, it is worth trying to use it in the medical purposes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team