Red wine. Whether the truth that it causes drowsiness?

Red wine. Whether the truth that it causes drowsiness?

evening with friends at the end of Sunday, alternating a conversation drinks of red wine, you will pick up a glass, you will look at a gleam, you will see bewitching velvet light. Aperitif will gently touch cheeks, heat will spread on a neck and a breast, the drop will remain in a glass one, tart drop of red wine. Evening of Sunday is short, the wine bottle, tomorrow at each many roads is drunk together, you will put on a coat, will go for a threshold. Autumn wind that you shivered, will throw a crimson dye for seven roads, but, the warm tartness of red wine will warm you at the end of the day.

Many people, meeting friends, pay tribute to good red wine. If the dose is not exceeded such meetings do not leave unpleasant memoirs, on the contrary, moderate consumption of alcohol liberates people, does their communication less held down. People joke, laugh, exchange views. Life of any person consists, including, and of such meetings, live, a little chaotic, invigorating. But, it is possible to hear also such opinion:

Whether so it? Let's talk. A question of drowsiness, after consumption of wine it is, actually, possible to break into two parts: drowsiness at honored alcoholics of the country, and drowsiness at those who are not fond of alcoholic chronicles.

1) Drowsiness at alcoholics.

Here already it cannot be helped, children, the liver which is injured by alcohol does not exempt an organism from the collecting toxins that can end with a hepatic coma. At similar persons the apathy is observed, they are sleepy, their consciousness is confused, is frequent they involuntarily reduce muscles and hands shiver. The hepatic coma is very dangerous, there is no wish even to represent that it happened to someone from relatives.

2) Seldom, but people meet unusual reaction to alcohol intake. After only several drinks of wine they have a drowsiness, slackness, rolls grief. What here can be told? All people are individual, and externally similar reactions of an organism can be caused by absolutely different reasons. Perhaps, it is connected with exchange of the central mediators – serotonin, dopamine, or bipolar affective disorder is so shown. To tell why it occurs without carrying out comprehensive inspection difficult, but if you observe similar, atypical reaction to alcohol, you can try to look for the answer at physicians. There is a probability that change of alcoholic drink, or a food allowance (for example, reduction of salt in a diet) will be able to change reaction. Anyway, it is necessary to leave investigation of the reasons of similar reaction to alcohol for experts.

So, as we see, drowsiness is not typical reaction to alcohol intake.

It, or result of high achievements in consumption of strong drinks, or, specific feature of an organism. Anyway, if after alcohol intake, and red wine in particular, you want to sleep, think why you drink?

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team