Red wine. Whether the truth that it leads to alcoholism?

Red wine. Whether the truth that it leads to alcoholism?

are such people to whom that do that do not offer, to them everything is not good. For example, you will tell:

– Taste this red wine, a draft. Do you feel how heat spreads on a body? And, aroma? Mm … fantasy!

And you in reply, a half-hour lecture about harm of red wine, and it at best. Maybe so that drinking wine small drinks, the critic a solid hour will expatiate on its negative properties. Like, we know, we scientists, a he-ha … Wine, we will try, but only out of respect for you, but we will surely educate that not useful it, the harmful, one evil from it!

Here from such talk with similar experts this article was also born, and there was a wish to aggregate all shortcomings attributed to red wine and to discuss them with readers.

They say that red wine causes fast accustoming and its use by a direct path leads to alcoholism.

What can be told here? Really, tasty, sweet fragrant wine, can imperceptibly become that a habit for which it is necessary to be treated. But, on the other hand, we deal with adults, or with children? It is well-known that any product, maybe useful, both harmful, and medicine and poison. A question, by and large, not in the product, and in quantity you used. The glutton always provokes either obesity, or alcoholism, depending on that of what unreasonably is fond next adult dityo. To us, people, rather adult and independent, useful will be, to know wine consumption rates: 250 ml a day for men (glass), and 150 ml a day for women. Cardiologists recommend to adhere to these figures, also consider that calculation was made on the person of average build. Perhaps, it will be better for little, shchuplenky man to adhere to the consumption rate specified for women and it is not necessary to beat breast and to prove what I am a man. Not that your organism will throw out such trick that mother do not grieve.

It is interesting that since 1995 in England the consumption rates of wine work, calculation is conducted in units and if you, being on the Foggy Albion, wish to buy wine there, then you can pay attention, on each bottle the quantity of units is specified in it contained. And so, that funny if to make the return calculation of units in milliliters, then the norm for island men will turn out same as for continental – 250 ml a day, and here the norm for women will be a little bit higher – 175 ml a day. Possibly, the English women are stronger European therefore any woman considering herself the true lady can drink a little bit more. No, no, it is a joke, to be fond of alcohol even in the form of delicious red wine will be to itself more expensive. Please, adhere to the recommendations of the best European experts, and everything at you will be good!

For curious it is possible to add that calculation was conducted for wine of the alcohol containing 12%, respectively, if wine stronger, a daily dose it is possible to reduce a little bit, and if weaker is to increase slightly. It is not necessary to oversaturate the brain the most detailed tables of the recommended wine doses, otherwise its consumption from pleasure to turn into a routine, and you from the person tasting pleasures of life, turn into the paranoid bothering to people around with the rules of life.

Postscript. Doctors assume that you will drink this quantity not at once, and in the separate portions. Please, do not disappoint experts, they something thought, calculated, made experiments; and do not lose joy of pastime with interesting people, do not drink wine in a volley then not to cover the glass with a palm, and not to say: No, for me everything, norm!


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team