Refined products: advantage or harm

Refined products: advantage or harm

In category of refined products it is possible to carry vegetable oil, a polished rice, sugar, flour and semolina. These products daily appear on tables of millions of people, influencing an organism and the state of health.

What is "refinement"

Understand factory process thanks to which products are exposed to final cleaning or finishing as a concept of refinement. By the way, process found the application not only in a food segment, but also in metallurgy. If to speak about food, then they are divided into separate components, a part from which goes to waste. In the same place there is also a significant amount of nutritive matters.

Food contains not only vitamins and minerals, but also a row in the natural state excipients which promote its digestion and assimilation. The nature independently defined the mechanism necessary for extraction of advantage from products. Process of refinement brings a part of components out of a product therefore at the use they can't be fully acquired by an organism.

Refined products

Rice on which packing it is designated "polished" is deprived of vitamin-rich bran coating. Long use in food of a polished rice by residents of the Far East provoked epidemic of such disease as beriberi. For its treatment there was enough use of a rice bran. If you want rice to be not only tasty, but also useful, stop the choice on not polished or cooked cereal. In category of vegetable oils the greatest advantage unrefined vegetable oil of a cold extraction, vitamin-rich And, E and other biologically active agents has. Oil which underwent refinement process is deprived of natural vitamins and useful amino acids, it becomes biologically inactive and doesn't bear advantage for an organism. Active advertizing of refined products indicates that their release is favorable to producers. Refinement promotes increase in a period of storage, facilitates transportation, thereby expands sales market. Sugar lump sugar has a direct bearing on development of diabetes. Its use involves reduction of reserves of the chrome which is responsible for glucose metabolism. A classical refined product – semolina. The most valuable elements are stored in a germ, seed and fruit coats which when processing are removed. The phytin which is its part interferes with digestion of calcium and vitamin D. Constant consumption of semolina porridge involves easing of immunity and violation in work of digestive tract. As a dietary product semolina can be used only at chronic insufficiency of kidneys.

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