Root celery: advantage and harm

Root celery: advantage and harm

Celery — a widespread grassy plant of family Umbrella which is appreciated by many its juicy taste and useful qualities. The celery perfectly grows as in the open ground, and at home on a window sill, and on sale meets all the year round.

Let's learn, than the celery root, what its features and contraindications to the use is useful.

Caloric content and chemical composition

It is the share of 100 grams of a crude root of a celery:

  • proteins — 1.5 g;
  • fats — 0.3 g;
  • carbohydrates — 9.2 g;
  • food fibers — 1.8 g;
  • water — 88 g;
  • calories — 42 kcal.

Vitamin complex:

  • RR vitamin (nicotinic acid) — 0.7 mg;
  • vitamin E (tocopherol) — 0.36 mg;
  • vitamin C (ascorbic acid) — 8.0 mg;
  • vitamin K (fillokhinon) — 41.0 mkg;
  • B1 vitamin (thiamine) — 0.05 mg;
  • B2 vitamin (Riboflavinum) — 0.06 mg;
  • B4 vitamin (is well-cared) — 9.0 mg;
  • B5 vitamin (pantothenic acid) — 0.352 mg;
  • B6 vitamin (pyridoxine) — 0.165 mg;
  • B9 vitamin (folic acid) — 8.0 mkg;
  • lutein + zeaxanthin — 1.0 mkg.

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Mineral structure:

  • potassium (K) — 300.0 mg;
  • phosphorus (P) — 115.0 mg;
  • sodium (Na) — 100.0 mg;
  • copper (Cu) — 70.0 mkg;
  • calcium (Ca) — 43.0 mg;
  • magnesium (Mg) — 20.0 mg;
  • iron (Fe) — 0.7 mg;
  • zinc (Zn) — 0.33 mg;
  • manganese (Mn) — 0.158 mg;
  • selenium (Se) — 0.7 mkg.

In addition, at a root of a celery there are sugar, the Omega-6 fatty acids and amino acids.

Important! The mineral structure of a root is much richer also nasyshchenny, than a sheet part of a plant. So, a green part of a celery almost does not contain vitamin K, in volume time as in 100 g of its root is nearly 300 mg of this valuable vitamin.

Than the celery root is useful

Medicinal properties of a root celery were known still to our ancestors therefore it quite often occurs in recipes of traditional medicine.

The root has the following useful properties for an organism:

  • promotes recovery of nervous system, calms, reduces stress;
  • helps work of a brain, improves memory;
  • supports in treatment of heart and vascular diseases;
  • accelerates metabolism, promotes dumping of excess weight;
  • improves the general tone of an organism, adds vital forces;
  • well influences a state and work of joints;
  • fills the necessary level of salts at anemia and exhaustion;
  • is good prevention of infectious diseases;
  • vitamin K takes part in fibrillation processes;
  • potassium promotes regulation of pressure and work of nervous impulses;
  • phosphorus participates in process of a metabolism and mineralization of bones.

For men

The root of a celery bears especially notable advantage for men. Besides the general improvement of an organism, it is capable to influence work of separate bodies including the sexual sphere. Not without reason in the people this root crop is considered the strongest aphrodisiac and enters a set of recipes of traditional medicine for potency.

Whether you know? Advantage of a root celery for male potency estimated to present still in the ancient time when in some countries the custom was observed this root crop to newlyweds before their first marriage night.

The root promotes production of men's hormone — testosterone which is responsible for male power, quality and quantity of spermatozoa and reproductive function of an organism in general. It also contains a large amount of the zinc necessary for good work of a prostate.

For women

On a question: whether the celery root is useful to female health, it is also possible to answer positively.

Many note that the plant well influences a female body and promotes elimination of the following problems:

  • hormonal violations;
  • dismenore;
  • dysfunctions of ovaries;
  • climax symptoms;
  • painful periods.

At the same time both root juice, and the intact cleaned root crop is useful. Using it in a different look, many women estimated one more positive effect — restoration of a libido.

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Features of the use

As well as any plant with the expressed medicinal action, a root of a celery has the features of the use.

At pregnancy

It is desirable to exclude a root crop from a diet of pregnant women, especially in the second half of pregnancy. It is connected with the fact that the plant stimulates inflow of blood to a uterus, than can provoke an abortion or premature birth.

Besides, the root is the natural amplifier of a vermicular movement of intestines and leads to the increased gas generation.

One more potential danger is the high content of essential oils which can cause an allergy.

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When breastfeeding

During a lactation it is also worth refusing a root celery. Besides strengthening of a vermicular movement of intestines and the increased gas generation, the root crop slows down development of milk and considerably affects its taste.

For this reason during feeding by a breast it is better not to use disputable products which can potentially provoke problems at mother or the kid.

At diabetes

The root is appreciated not only as food product, but also as good remedy at many illnesses. Including it is useful to the people having diabetes, especially 2 types. Thanks to a fine combination of vitamins and minerals, the celery promotes the correct course of chemical processes in an organism and helps:

  • to restore work of digestive system;
  • to improve work of heart and vessels;
  • to slow down process of aging of an organism.

At diabetes the root of a celery is included in structure of different dishes and prepare broths and tinctures on its basis. One more important advantage of a root crop is its help in fight against excess weight which quite often meets at type 2 diabetes.

Important! In the presence of serious chronic diseases, before the use of new products, especially in the medicinal purposes, consultation of the attending physician is necessary.

At gout

The root crop proved to be as the effective assistant in treatment and prevention of gout. Its frequent and long use improves the general state, removes sharpness of symptoms and brings lactic acid out of an organism. It is promoted by the substances, irreplaceable for joints, which are in structure of a root: potassium, sodium, phosphorus, calcium, purines, amino acids and others. As a result plant:

  • reduces inflammation in the affected joints;
  • reduces a pain syndrome;
  • due to diuretic effect brings hazardous substances out of an organism;
  • restores normal exchange processes;
  • prevents emergence of uratny stones.

The celery is also necessary for those people who have predisposition to this disease. The use of a root crop will allow to reduce the level of uric acid in blood and to prevent development of gout in the future.

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Contraindications and harm

It is undesirable to use a root crop in such cases:

  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • gastritis, stomach ulcer;
  • the increased acidity of gastric juice;
  • high blood pressure;
  • varicosity and thrombophlebitis;
  • existence of stones in kidneys;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases.

Always it is necessary to listen to the organism and at deterioration in health or emergence of allergic reactions at once to stop the use of this product.

How to clean a celery root

Correctly to clean a root celery, it is necessary to prepare a sharp knife and a cutting board.

  1. To carefully wash up a root in flowing water.
  2. Sharp knife to cut off the place of fastening of stalks.
  3. Knife or the peeler it is accurate to cut off all thin skin.
  4. Sharp tip of a knife to scrape out all deepenings between backs.

If there is no desire to potter with similar economical cleaning, then it is necessary to cut the washed-up root on two parts, to place them on a cutting board a section down and a knife to cut off all superfluous. It will turn out not really economically, but very quickly.

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What from it can be prepared

The root of a celery is used in any kind — crude, stewed, boiled, baked. Many prefer it in the form of juice or in salad together with apples and carrots.

The root crop is added to soups, ragout, baked puddings. From it cook hash browns and cutlets. It is perfectly combined with other vegetables and well approaches as ingredient of both first courses, and garnishes. The dried root crop is often used for preparation of sauces and seasonings. One of advantages of a root of a celery is its characteristic taste allowing to reduce salt consumption. As a result of it hypostases leave and noticeably work of a liver and kidneys improves.

Whether you know? A celery, onions and carrots — the real sacred Trinity of the well-known French cuisine. This trio is a basis of many national dishes, including soups, sauces and ragout.

As is for weight loss

Root celery — the great assistant that who is on a diet as has the low caloric content and ability to accelerate metabolism. High content of cellulose in it helps to dull for a long time feeling of hunger, and is well-cared and manganese well influence fat exchange in an organism.

For weight loss of a dish from a root of a celery it is possible to use every day. It is good to use it for replacement of more high-calorie and rich dishes. The product also perfectly is suitable for less various, but a short-term diet. Besides it helps to cope with one problem which is slowing down weight loss — a zashlakovannost. The celery promotes cleaning of an organism, improves work of a hormonal system, intestines and all internals. And its great vitamin and mineral structure restores the correct balance in an organism.

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How to store in house conditions

If the root celery is planned to be eaten within several days, then it is stored in the fridge, previously having wrapped up in food wrap.

For longer storage it is necessary to wash out well a root, to rind with it and to cut a fruit straws. Then to dry up it in the sun or in the warm and aired place. It is possible to use the electric dryer or an oven also. The dried-up product should be stored in a glass jar with densely closed cover.

For preservation of fresh root crops it is necessary to lay them in a wooden box, to powder with sand 2 cm higher than roots and to leave in the cold and dark place. It is possible to use clay also: for this purpose it is necessary to dissolve it to a pastelike state, to dunk into it roots, to dry them in the sun and to place in the dry place.

Now you know that a root celery — a fine gift of the nature which at the reasonable use will bring to an organism a lot of benefit. High content in it valuable vitamins and minerals will help to improve immunity and to increase vital forces. And for growing thin is almost irreplaceable, tasty and dietary additive to a diet.

Advantage of a root of a celery: video

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