Sacrament of a tea ceremony. Secrets of the correct tea brewing.

Sacrament of a tea ceremony. Secrets of the correct tea brewing.

get rid of affairs wordly, to switch-off phone, to distract from affairs and cares, to be undressed, sit down on soft floor pillows and to plunge completely into a relaxation. For certain at each person in life there come such moments when he needs to relax. Here we are also come to the rescue by the most known way of a relax – a tea drinking. Very important step which needs to be made before a tea drinking – a step to itself, more precisely in. It is necessary to cast away all thoughts and to be engaged in the inner world, having steeped in it.

Many make several mistakes performing a tea ceremony not correctly. Thereby they just lose pleasure. Those who consider that the aroma of a sandal-wood tree or rose has to accompany all east are mistaken. They prevent to feel a full-fledged smell of tea. Therefore it is the most correct to use these aromas several hours prior to tea brewing that nothing killed its aroma.

Extremely, but tea absolutely differently affects different people. Moreover it can show opposite actions depending on desires and feelings of the one who drinks it. In it the extraordinary sensitivity of tea is shown.

In the Chinese culture is got to carry out the procedure of acquaintance to tea at first. A certain connection between you will so be established and tea, you will feel its essence, feel its aroma, and it will open for itself(himself) your mood.

Tea drinking in itself – a certain similarity of a training for respiratory bodies. You are quiet also your breath respectively too.

As for a teapot to save on it is mute, as well as on the tea, it is impossible at all. Recommend to use clay teapots which do not smell in any way and store a certain temperature.

Before making tea, the teapot needs to be stroked a brush, not usual, but special. It, in the cook a sort, dialogue with it: you have to ask it to make for you the most tasty drink. Zavarnichek made from glass it is possible to use to please an eye. To observe this great pleasure as tea florets blossom and give all the delight to your drink.

Cups from which to you will have the luck to sip warm drink of emperors have to be from porcelain. Color is not less important. It has to be white or turquoise that you could see saturated color of the real tea.

Water has to be cleaned, do not use at all tap water because so you will spoil all that fine that conceal in themselves these strange petals. Spring water is considered ideal.

Ware before giving has to be warmed up. For this purpose use warm water.

In the accuratest way not to damage, tea leaves shift in zavarnichek and fill in. Here also time to start the most interesting moment came. You are ready to take the first sip...

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team