Sauerkraut – always the welcome guest on a table. In former times it helped to bring more vitamins which in cold season were inaccessible in a diet. At such way of preparation the cabbage keeps a maximum of useful substances. It is possible to prepare its option which to full readiness will need a lot of time. But there is simpler recipe at which cabbage will gain the necessary taste in three-four days. It and is called – a three-day's rest.

To make sauerkraut-trekhdnevku, on one average head of cabbage take one carrot, water liter, on a tablespoon of sugar and salt.

Ingredients are required to be prepared. Cabbage cut or chop, the more thinly, the better. Choose a head of cabbage hard, not friable. Clean and grate carrot on the large party of a grater. Connect them in one ware – most often use the enameled basin or a big tank. In former times for salting and a zakvashivaniye of cabbage used wooden barrels and tubs, but in modern kitchens such equipment – a rarity. Even if you will shift cabbage from capacity, for example, in glass jars, you shouldn't use stainless steel or plastic for preparation for a zakvashivaniye.

Now slightly press down cabbage weight that a little juice and cabbage under ferment was emitted became softer. Mix with carrots. Then it is possible to shift in a 3-liter jar, pressing the cut vegetables more densely.

It is time to prepare a brine. Boil water in a pan, pour sugar, salt, mix and hot fill in a brine directly in cabbage. If you cook sauerkraut in banks, it is desirable to put everyone in a bowl or a basin as during fermentation liquid will flow. From time to time cabbage in bank should be pierced a sharp stick to remove surplus of gas. At a zakvashivaniye in a tub or a tank mix weight a special wooden scapula, and cover capacity with a gauze or a piece of pure fabric.

The cabbage which is filled in with a hot brine will be ready in three days. It is better to keep it in the cool place. It is possible to cook tasty dishes with its addition or a tax as independent snack, having decorated with greens.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team