School uniform: rather badly than well

School uniform: rather badly than well

of an identical dress code for all the pupil seems to parents very good invention. It causes pleasant associations from their childhood. Just it seems to many parents that in Soviet period everything was better than now, bread, ice cream sugar and even pupils. But all this only nostalgia on school days, and now absolutely other times, and they is not worse than those that were, they are just others. The school uniform of course has the pluses, it unambiguously enters a certain discipline into behavior of pupils. But nevertheless, kind of it was not sad, has as well the minuses.

First of all, a school uniform — at all not option of economy. It is on the contrary much more expensive. Why? Yes just because you usually should buy a clothes set, at least, and in that case you should buy also 2 sets of a form. Why still, but not instead of? Well the child in trousers or a skirt on the street with friends or at cinema will not go for a walk. It will at least not be convenient.

Besides if to wear a school uniform everywhere and always, then literally in 2 months it will wear out because quality today not the best. And all the same it is necessary to be spent for new clothes. Here also saved is called.

It would seem that the school uniform kind of levels all children, that is in such clothes especially you will not brag of a fine financial position of the family. But far from it. The fact is that now especially nobody attention pays to clothes cost. It is possible to flash the equipment more: tablets, phones, laptops. That is you will not save the child from boasters in any way. Besides it is always possible to look at records about where parents of your schoolmate work and from it no clothes will cover.

Besides the school uniform is very seldom sewed in dvkh options: for winter and summertime of year. Just agree to walk not really conveniently in the same panties at + 30 and at-20. For this reason a school uniform not convenient option both for your purse and for your child.

Well and of course the last, but not less important, the form can suit just not your child. This there can be trousers or a skirt not of that cut or a jacket not of that color. It can just spoil your child. And at teenage age at you it will hardly turn out to explain well to the child why it should carry day by day what spoils his appearance. From it the self-assessment at your teenager can fall very strongly and then it is necessary long and tiresomely to correct it if at all ever it will turn out to correct.

Another is perfect — simply introduction of certain rules of clothes in educational institution. It gives certain freedom in the choice of clothes. The main thing only to adhere to a dress code, and all the rest can be picked up under itself. Some restrictions on an occasion of clothes will discipline your child and at the same time will give it the chance to put on as it likes also the main thing as it is convenient to it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team