Secrets of preparation of pork tongue

Secrets of preparation of pork tongue

Thanks to the small content of fats and low caloric content, pork tongue belongs to dietary products. It is considered a delicacy, at restaurants it is necessary to pay the considerable sum for a delicate and mild flavor of the dishes prepared from language.

Signs of quality of language

On counters of shops and the markets the fresh or salted language is offered. Violet color of a product speaks about its freshness and high content of iron. The structure of an offal has to be elastic, when pressing on it a finger the trace instantly disappears.

Gray color, release of muddy liquid at a section – signs of repeated freezing. The unpleasant odor of a product demonstrates that it deteriorated. It is necessary to store it in the freezer, and after preparation – in the fridge, but no more than 2-4 days. At long stay in the freezer the product loses the useful and gustatory qualities.

Secrets of cleaning and cooking of language

It is almost impossible to clean crude language. It is slippery, jumps out of hands and doesn't give in to action of a knife at all. Before removing a skin, boil an offal. In 1-2 hours prior to cooking put it in cold water. After time put on the maximum fire a pan with water. When it begins to boil, accurately lower the washed-out language in liquid. Water has to cover a product completely. From the moment of boiling you cook 40-50 minutes on the minimum fire, under the covered cover. Then cool language under water that hands could hold it. Keep in mind that if it completely cools down, the skin will badly depart. Holding an offal at the basis, skim towards the end. Usually it departs instantly. If the skin badly is removed, so meat wasn't cooked longer. Put the cleaned language in a pan, fill in with water and add salt. From the moment of boiling you cook 40 minutes on weak fire to softness. The ready offal in the middle of the pink color, it well gives in to cutting. Tasty to prepare language, follow several rules. Before cooking clean language from blood, various knots, muscular fabric. Rub it with a lemon piece. The citrus fruit will improve aroma of meat. At the second cooking of a product without thin skin, add bay leaf, several peas of a black pepper, small onion and garlic glove to water. During cooking periodically remove a skin from a surface. Check readiness of language piercing by a fork. If it easily is pierced, appears transparent juice, remove from fire. Clean off skin which in some places doesn't give in to actions of a hand by means of a sharp knife.

Secret of preparation of fragrant pork tongue

Weld language in salty water with addition of several sheets of laurels and peas of pepper. Husk and knife sharp on thin diagonal plates. In the form oiled lay meat pieces, from above place branches of a thyme and several pieces of a desi. Warm an oven to 150º and bake 15 minutes. The secret of a ready-to-eat meal is that language at the expense of oil and a thyme becomes juicy and fragrant.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team