Several councils in fight against a pendulous belly"

Several councils in fight against a pendulous belly"

you smile as was on other earlier – food chaotic, and even it was absent. We ran home unwillingly as all your friends and girlfriends of the childhood continued to play various games, and you were called by parents to feed and give to drink. And as a result we, having quickly had a bite, at once ran out to the yard to continue to play before dark. And here now, having got educations, having settled on worthy places of work, we turned into hypodynamic cars it seems with the healthy nutrition which however is not helping us in prevention of emergence of a paunch or in general – a pendulous belly. And It should be noted that it is characteristic sign of age for 30 to which the wrong mode, food and addictions are defined.

- Guard! Health is in danger! – at once rushes in the head. And at once you begin to think of the correct way of life and at once you remember all sports or occupations in which was engaged far back in the past. The most interesting that now the fashion for gyms or bodybuilding in which it is possible to improve tummies for several months went. However there are nuances which will help you to increase the repeated stomach in the subsequent time again. It as a cancellation syndrome – having removed some adjournment of fat, many people stop being engaged, as leads to the return increase. And nobody wants to be engaged constantly – it is necessary to be supported to a diet, to go constantly to trainings which usually begin after the tiresome working day and food always chaotic it is necessary to work, work and work. As a result from us middle-aged muzhchinka or women with obviously excess weight, chubby cheeks, big tummies and unclear hips turn out. Yes, of course, I described all this in terrible character, there are among us also beautifully put people always keeping the figure, however the prevailing quantity – the same first softies.

And so and, it is necessary to find suitable time for sports, otherwise sooner or later it will be already very difficult to correct. Morning both evening chargings, walks, and active holiday – some of the most suitable options in the absence of free time, besides it will give to courage for all day.

The first rule – an obligatory useful breakfast which, including acceptance of food, kind of makes active a metabolism and the subsequent actions will be spent with additional energy.

The second rule – never eat at night or before going to bed as it will cause excess adjournment of by-products in your fatty tissue. Of course there is a contradiction, it is possible to accept some products which do not cause deposits, however for the night you them are obviously will not be.

The third right – eat small portions as it promotes fast, full digestion, to absorption of useful substances and does not stretch a stomach wall if you ate a large number of food or overate. So, even at a big stomach it will begin to decrease slowly in sizes that stabilizes your digestive processes. In day there will be enough 5-7 times.

The fourth rule – be preserved the addictions. Alcoholic beverages which too kaloriyna also tempt excess appetite, bitter, salty and at last, fat which is very appreciated by gluttons and eaters of unhealthy food belong to them. Exclude it and at once, in several days you will feel ease.

And the last rule – if you sleep in the afternoon, then never eat food before going to bed at least for an hour, and even it is more. The dream has to recover nervous system, but not deal with problems of digestion.

Follow these simple, but effective councils and you will feel soon that digestion at you obviously improved.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team