Simple and tasty recipe of royal cheesecake

Simple and tasty recipe of royal cheesecake

Royal cheesecake strongly differs from habitual pastries. This really royal dish which possesses incredibly delicate flavor. Royal cheesecake resembles pie with a stuffing superficially.

Products necessary for preparation of a dessert

To make dough for royal cheesecake, the following products will be required: 1.5 glasses of wheat flour, 100 g of a desi or margarine, 0.5 glasses of sugar. Vegetable oil for greasing of a baking dish is required.

For preparation of a stuffing: 500 g of cottage cheese, 4 eggs, 1 glass of granulated sugar, half of a teaspoon of salt, half of a teaspoon of soda, vanillin pinch.

Recipe of royal cheesecake

First of all, it is necessary to make shortcake dough for a dessert. Wheat flour is previously sifted. In a deep bowl mix flour, a soft desi and granulated sugar. Mix needs to be pounded hands, the mealy and oil crumb won't turn out yet. The baking dish is oiled vegetable or closed the sheet of parchment paper. A half of the prepared crumb is evenly distributed on a form bottom. Now it is necessary to be engaged in a stuffing. If home-made cottage cheese is used, it should be wiped through a sieve or to crush the blender. Then the stuffing will turn out homogeneous and very gentle. If the stuffing is cooked from sweet curds, it is possible not to wipe it. However in this case it is worth reducing a little amount of sugar, otherwise the dessert will turn out luscious and sweet. Eggs and granulated sugar are shaken up the mixer to full sugar remelting. Add vanillin, soda and salt to the received mix and continue to shake up a stuffing. Enter cottage cheese into composition of mix and carefully mix all components. Then the stuffing is spread in a form on the prepared layer from a crumb. From above the dessert is evenly strewed with the remained crumb. The oven is warmed to 200 wasps. The form is put on the average level. Preparation of royal cheesecake in an oven will take about 40 minutes. It is a basic recipe for royal cheesecake. However any hostess can make little changes to it. For example, addition in a stuffing of small wiped dried peel of a half of a lemon does flavor of pastries especially delicate. The cottage cheese stuffing can be diversified significantly, having laid on it thinly cut apples, dried apricots, raisin, orange segments, strawberry or cherry. Sometimes the cottage cheese layer is strewed with grated chocolate, nut shaving, poppy. Invariable is a recipe of shortcake dough and the most cottage cheese stuffing. Serve pastries to tea in a cold or warm look.

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