Simple gravy to cutlets

Simple gravy to cutlets

Gravy to cutlets is not just sauce, and an equal component of a dish without which it seems dryish on taste and externally unfinished. Make it on a tomato, creamy or mushroom basis, and the food made by you will become perfect.

The recipe of simple tomato gravy to cutlets


- 2 tablespoons of tomato paste; - 1 cups of water;

- 1 small bulb; - 1 tablespoons of flour; - 1 segment of garlic; - sugar pinch; - 1/3 tsps of a black sprinkling pepper; - salt; - 20 g is fresher than some greens.

Instead of tomato paste it is possible to take average tomato, to husk with it and to grate pulp on a small grater in uniform puree.

Clean a bulb, small chop it and fry in the fat which remained after preparation of cutlets or vegetable oil to transparency on average fire. Pour flour, mix everything and brown a couple of minutes until weight becomes light brown, without allowing to be formed by lumps. Put tomato paste, pepper and sugar. Boil water and dissolve with it dense orange-red mix, intensively stirring it a wooden scapula.

Add some salt to tomato gravy to taste and you weary 10 minutes before solidification. Remove a peel from garlic, crush it in a special press and implicate in sauce. Chop in it at will greens of parsley, fennel or cilantro, remove from a plate and water cutlets.

Creamy sauce for cutlets

Ingredients: - 1 cups of milk; - 0.5 cups of meat or chicken broth; - 1 bulb; - 3 tablespoons of a desi; - 2 tablespoons of flour; - 0.5 tsps of ground white pepper; - nutmeg pinch; - salt.

Creamy gravy can be made even more densely if to prepare on the basis of not milk, but cream or sour cream.

Kindle a desi in a frying pan or a stewpan and fry thoroughly in it flour. Roast separately crushed bulb and shift it in the first ware. Enter into it a thin stream milk and broth. Season sauce with spices, salt how many it is necessary and prepare at a moderate temperature, won't thicken yet. This sauce is especially good to cutlets from gentle fowl.

Mushroom gravy to cutlets

Ingredients: - 500 g of champignons; - 1.5 cups of 33% cream; - 1 bulb; - vegetable oil; - salt. Fill in champignons with water in a pan, bring to the boil, you cook 15-20 minutes, shift them in a colander, cool and cut on small pieces. Make transparent fried vegetables of thinly cut onions, mix it with mushrooms and fry 10 minutes, moisture won't be evaporated yet. Let's weight cool down, pound it in the blender and return back to a frying pan. Pour cream there, mix everything, add salt and warm up gravy a little, but you don't boil. Give it separately in a sauce-boat or cover with it cutlets in every portion.

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