Small loafs: what do of, than are useful how many and with what is

Small loafs: what do of, than are useful how many and with what is

Not so long ago on counters of shops and supermarkets unusual wafers which are called small loafs began to appear. This product did not find great popularity as most often it was placed in department to dietary food or to products for diabetics. Today we will understand that represents this product what it is done of and whether it is worth using it on a constant basis.

From what and as do small loafs

Let's begin discussion with what is used for production of a product, and how exactly it is done.

Small loafs are produced from whole grains of the following cultures: corn, rice, buckwheat, wheat, barley, rye, oats, millet. At the same time the perfect, previously cleaned products which have excellent quality are used.

To make the discussed product, whole grains for a while presoak in usual water. The essence is that for a start it is necessary to soften an outer sheath of seeds that they absorbed as much as possible moisture that it was possible to pass to further preparation.

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The technology of preparation is called extrusion. After soaking the inflated grains place in the special unit which is called an extruder. In this device small loafs are cooked about 10 seconds then the pressed briquettes habitual to us in which it is possible to see whole grains turn out.

The essence is that in an extruder raw materials for several seconds heat up to very high temperatures under pressure because of what liquid which is in seeds quickly evaporates, and process reminds preparation of popcorn in accelerated. As a result of such manipulations we receive a product in which almost all useful properties which the raw grains have remain, at the same time small loafs are suitable for the use without preliminary processing.

Important! Each separate culture demands the amount of time which is necessary for soaking.

Types, caloric content, I WATCH also structure

Further we will have a talk about what small loafs happen that is their part and also we will discuss nutritional and power value.

At once It is necessary to tell that the caloric content and nutritional value directly depend on what culture is used for preparation of small loafs therefore we will consider these indicators with a binding to a certain type of a product. To obtain exact data, before purchase of goods surely look at structure, I WATCH also power value.

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Also it is worth understanding that not all producers of small loafs use extrusion process as it demands use of the special equipment and additional expenses of time for soaking because of what small loafs are produced not from whole grains, and from flour, therefore, before us the same bread, only other form.

Small loafs on the basis of a rye.


  • rye flour;
  • wheat bran;
  • wheat flour II of a grade;
  • water;
  • margarine;
  • yeast;
  • salt;
  • rye malt.

As you can see, here also does not smell of whole grains therefore to say that it is very useful low-calorie product it is not necessary. It is worth paying attention to the caloric content of such product as it is 360 kcal. For comparison, 100 g of long loaf have the power value of 270 kcal.

Nutrition value:

  • proteins — 10 g;
  • fats — 4.5 g;
  • carbohydrates — 70 g.

Separately It is necessary to tell that in 100 g of such product 18.4 g of cellulose contain.

Wheat small loafs.

The structure is presented by exclusively whole germinated wheat grain. The producer can sometimes add raisin or dried apricots what the inscription on packing will testify to.

Before us that natural product which part nothing is, except whole seeds. There are no additives which increase caloric content therefore the power value of such small loafs is 244 kcal.

Nutrition value:

  • proteins — 8.1 g;
  • fats — 1.2 g;
  • carbohydrates — 53 g.

Pay attention that the product from whole grain will have minimum content of fats, despite the fact that what culture is used. Fat content increases only in case in structure there is a margarine or other fat.

Wheat and oat small loafs.


  • winter wheat;
  • whole oats;
  • germinated wheat;
  • salt.

As you can see, the product completely natural, and salt addition does not affect usefulness or nutrition value in any way.

Nutrition value:

  • proteins — 11.9 g;
  • fats — 2.5 g;
  • carbohydrates — 57, 9 g.

This version contains many food fibers — 13.5% that does a product more useful to those who suffer from locks. Power value is 302 kcal. Considering the low content of fats, it is possible to claim that caloric content is based on slow carbohydrates.

Wheat and buckwheat product.


  • whole wheat grain;
  • whole buckwheat;
  • salt.

Small loafs do not contain unnecessary components therefore they are completely natural and useful option.

Nutrition value:

  • proteins — 10.1 g;
  • fats — 0 g;
  • carbohydrates — 57.1 g.

It is the only version in which completely there are no fats. Small loafs perfectly are suitable for those who want to lose weight as their caloric content is based only on carbohydrates and proteins, and make 290 kcal.

Whether you know? In the Middle Ages stale flat cakes of bread were used as replacement for plates. Over them imposed various food, and at the end of a meal when flat cake razmokat, ate it, or gave to dogs.

Than small loafs are useful to an organism

Now it is worth understanding what the advantage of these dry small loafs consists in and whether it is worth replacing with them habitual bread.

Let's begin with the fact that the product is useful at least because has no harmful additives. Now food are produced more, than it is bought by consumers therefore for increase in an expiration date various preserving substances which are harmful to us to a degree are added. As small loafs are stored without any additives, they initially are a useful product, even without vitamins and minerals which are a part.

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Now as for vitamins and various minerals. As it was told above, heat treatment slightly affects structure therefore you receive a large amount of vitamins and minerals from a product which can be got at all seasons of the year, unlike useful fruit or vegetables which are seasonal goods.

You should not forget that dry small loafs are a well of the cellulose necessary for our organism for digestion normalization and also timely removal of slags and poisons. Also cellulose accelerates metabolism that positively influences body weight, losing excessive weight.

It is possible to call a product medicinal as different types of small loafs help to cope with any given disease. For example, the wheaten option is useful to those people who suffer from gastritis or stomach ulcer, and here barley helps those who suffer from problems with a liver and dysfunction of a GIT.

Important! All useful properties concern only those small loafs which are made from whole grains.

Small loafs are used for prevention of the following diseases and illnesses:

  • anemia;
  • GIT diseases;
  • liver diseases;
  • cold;
  • dermatitis;
  • diseases of kidneys;
  • problems with the central nervous system.

Separately It is necessary to tell that whether each type of a product contains the following vitamins B that other quantity: And, In, E, SS. There are minerals: sodium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium.

Whether it is possible for pregnant women and the feeding mummies

It is possible to use small loafs as during incubation, and after the delivery. This product does not incorporate allergens which can do much harm to a fruit or the newborn therefore it is worth refusing it only in case you observe individual intolerance, or the doctor gave the ban on the use.

The wholegrain product delivers in an organism a large amount of necessary vitamins and also celluloses. Cellulose helps to prevent formation of locks which are suffered by many pregnant women. Also you should not forget that small loafs have large volume, but small weight, respectively, you will not be able to eat them too much. It positively influences a figure and also allows to satisfy hunger in the portion, small on weight.

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It is possible to draw a conclusion that there are small loafs during pregnancy or after the delivery it is possible and it is necessary, however it is worth knowing when to stop and not to be obsessed only with this product. A variety is important therefore we advise there is both dry bread, and usual and also to add new products to the day menu.

Whether you know? Bread from rye flour can not spoil several weeks for the reason that its acidity is many times higher, than at wheat. The acidity of a product is higher, the more slowly it will spoil. At the same time some producers artificially reduce a bread expiration date, adding to it barley, rice or oats flour.

Whether it is possible small loafs at weight loss

At once It is necessary to tell that exclusively wholegrain options as a part of which there is a minimum of fats are useful and low-calorie. Such products are useful at weight loss as deliver necessary vitamins and minerals, without increasing at the same time diet caloric content.

It is worth understanding that small loafs are not capable to do much harm to your figure, however if you use them together with jam, jams, butter or other high-calorific products, then there is no sense in replacement of usual bread by dry.

Important! Cellulose interferes with assimilation of calories therefore such product positively influences a figure.

Small loafs in the course of weight loss can be used for breakfast, or as having a snack before going to bed. This product does not overload a stomach therefore you will have no heavy feeling. Of course, if you want to replace usual bread with dry, then be ready that you will need to drink more water as small loafs very dry. But at the same time your organism will not receive unnecessary fats and preservatives which are used for increase in an expiration date of usual bread.

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How to choose upon purchase

In the course of the choice of dry bread, it is not necessary to estimate goods on the basis of what is written in capital color letters. Unfair producers will is veiled to write that the goods are manufactured not on the basis of whole grains, and on the basis of flour. For this reason you pass to structure at once. If structure too big — refuse purchase, as a part of natural wheat small loafs more than 3 components cannot contain if the product is the present.

If the structure arranges, then pass to nutrition value. Above we said that the goods should not contain a lot of fat, otherwise in it there are unnecessary components, vegetable or animal fats.

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Remember that the appearance of goods does not tell about its advantage therefore be not bought on beautiful thin dry biscuits of monophonic color as small loafs represent the pressed mass of the blown-up seeds, respectively, the cake layer has to be silnoporisty.

Do not forget about an expiration date. Choose those goods which have more expiration date as it is natural. The sense is that the real small loafs which have no additives do not spoil more than a year as, in fact, there is nothing to spoil. And here not real options prepared with addition of fat and yeast spoil much quicker even if in them there are preservatives.

Important! The quality product has to be fragile and crispy, but not wooden or crude.

Rules of the use

Nutritionists say that in day it is enough to use about 4-5 pieces which will cover norm in minerals and vitamins. The organism spends about 200 kcal for processing of such volume of food, respectively, more than 2/3 those calories which receives after processing of small loafs are spent.

As the form and the sizes of pieces vary, it is necessary to remember that it is not recommended to eat more than 100 g a day.

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It is the best of all to use dry bread together with vegetables or sour cream which has low fat content. It is impossible to eat dry bread together with meat, fish, fruit, or to wash down with milk. In that case you will have unpleasant feelings during digestion of food.

It turns out that it is the best of all to eat small loafs during having a snack as the main meals assume consumption of the same meat or fish, and to jam dry bread pasta or grain are not present sense.

Contraindications and harm

In conclusion we will talk about contraindications and potential danger.

At once It is necessary to tell that those people who do not transfer gluten cannot use this product. Dry bread is not deprived of this connection therefore will cause negative reaction from digestion. An exception are small loafs on the basis of buckwheat which do not contain gluten.

There is a wide number of products without gluten: vegetables and fruit, bean, fish, meat, eggs, potatoes, nuts, amaranth.

The product should not be used to those people at whom indigestion as a large amount of cellulose irritates intestines walls is often observed, causing the corresponding negative reaction. The same concerns also small children whose digestive system will hardly digest so dry product.

Dry bread is not full replacement of usual option therefore it cannot be used on a constant basis and furthermore to use as the only product in a diet at a diet. In that case you will quickly be hospitalized because of the shortage of the main substances which are necessary for normal activity.

Now you know that small loafs represent and as they are done, are familiar with fakes. Remember that it is a dietary additional product, respectively, it is necessary to use it in a certain norm that it brought benefit. Do not give dry bread to children to whom 4 years were not executed. Do not use it if you have serious diseases of intestines in the aggravated form.

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