Snack from cucumbers

Snack from cucumbers

People constantly grow up cucumbers on the beds. Though it would seem, this vegetable consists of only one water. It's not true, for 95% the cucumber consists of water, but all the rest is occupied by cellulose, different useful substances are minerals, vitamins, salts. The cucumber in a digestive tract is acquired without a pancreas, therefore, it unloads its work. Therefore various snack from cucumbers are in such demand, from them it is possible to make many salads, the stuffed dishes and snack.

Sharp it is ideal to ogurtsyet to cook snack for the winter. All the year round you can indulge relatives a hot dish from useful vegetable.

Ingredients: - 1 kg of cucumbers;

- 60 g of horse-radish; - on 40 g of fennel and salt; - water liter; - 10 cherry leaves; - garlic glove; - acetic essence, mustard in powder, bell pepper.

Lay all spices in banks. Prepare a brine from salt, water and mustard, fill in with it cucumbers, pour in vinegar, roll up banks. That mustard didn't settle on cucumbers, it is better to lower it in a brine in a gauze sack. Dandelion salad With addition of a cucumber can be made many salads, Dandelion salad is especially good. He received the name thanks to part which green cucumbers and petals of a dandelion are. Ingredients: - 1/2 kg of fresh cucumbers; - on 100 g of a radish and champignons; - 50 g of petals of a dandelion; - 3 eggs; - 3 tablespoons of mayonnaise; - fennel, parsley, salt. Small cut fresh cucumbers into cubes or circles. Otmochite petals of dandelions in water with salt addition. Boil champignons, chop more small, crush boiled eggs and a radish. Mix all components, add mayonnaise, again mix. Salad is ready, you can decorate it with fennel and parsley if desired from above. To a table salad should be served cooled.

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