Snack on a holiday table

Snack on a holiday table

Snack on a holiday table – the most important and responsible part. Herring under a fur coat and Russian salad, are hits on New Year's Eve. But you shouldn't limit yourself to such "classical" snack on any holiday, most likely.

As the quite good idea for a holiday table from snack tasty mini rolls act, and very just to eat with them quite conveniently. "Twist" such rolls, it is almost possible from nothing: from a lavash and cheese, from zucchini and a salmon, from ham and baked pumpkin.

For the festive menu there is one more remarkable idea – to stuff something. Everything can give in to a farshirovka. From something is taken out native and replaced with some stuffing: eggplants, zucchini, tomatoes, eggs, onions and fish. Anything, turned into puree or forcemeat can be a stuffing: olives, shrimps, cheese with greens or with garlic, a vitellus with cheese, mushrooms and also some grain.

Let's consider the recipe how to prepare stuffed eggs. This recipe, perhaps, the cheapest and simple option of snack. Thanks to some features we receive not only stuffed eggs, and just "bomb". 

To make such snack for six portions, it is necessary to have:

10 eggs, 1 piece of napiform large onions, carrots – 1 piece, 50 g of a desi, three spoons of mayonnaise, and here add pepper and salt to yourself to taste.

  • Hard-boil eggs and cool a baking plate a stream of cold water. Peel boiled eggs, cut them half, withdraw yolks and knead them.
  • Cut small onions. On a small grater to grate carrots. Fry carrots and onions on a desi. Pepper and salt.
  • To add carrots with onions to yolks. That mix was much more vozdushny, we add mayonnaise, and everything it is well mixed.
  • We fill proteins with the prepared mix. With the cut green onions it is strewed stuffed eggs or other greens.

That's all.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team