Soy milk: its advantage, properties, recipe for the house

Soy milk: its advantage, properties, recipe for the house

drink is preferable to people with intolerance of lactose. Disagreements about useful and harmful features of this drink divided doctors and nutritionists into two opposite camps: some believe that this product is a good alternative to animal milk and replacement to breastfeeding, others, on the contrary, do not leave to drink any chances. That is why it is so important to have a clear idea of this product and the nobility who should drink it.

What is it

Milk from soy is the drink made from beans of soy cultural. The product is preparing according to the French NF standard and represents a stable emulsion from oil, water and protein. It is created by soaking for several hours of dry beans of soy. Then beans together with water warm up to a pyureobrazny state, and cook the received mix, filter and cool.

This type of vegetable milk has gentle creamy texture, pleasant, slightly sweet taste and soft aroma. On price category it is possible to call a product quite available. Besides it often meets on shelves of shops.

The term soy milk is used only in the countries of Europe. Chinese call this drink soy liquid, and among Germans it is known only as soy drink.

This tasty suspension found a great number of admirers worldwide. In the western countries it is popular among vegetarians and people with intolerance of lactose (in soy suspension lactose completely is absent). However this white liquid received the greatest distribution in East Asia. It is known that Chinese and Japanese completely replace animal milk vegetable.

Whether you know? Archeological excavations showed that in the new Stone Age the human body tore away animal milk — the person of that period had no gene necessary for digestion of milk sugar. Only over time, as a result of a genetic mutation, our ancestors gained ability to acquire lactose. But even today the organism of many people loses such ability with age. And residents of China, Africa, Southeast Asia and the American Indians do not have this gene at all.

History of origin

The history of creation of soy liquid ascends by 220 AD. As archaeological confirmation to it serves the drawing engraved on a stone plate in a Han dynasty tomb (Chinese empire). In the drawing the scene of cooking of soy suspension and tofu was represented.

1500 of our era in the Chinese poem The Ode to Tofu (the author — SU Ping) dates the earliest of written data on this drink known to us. And in 1665 the product was for the first time mentioned by the European — the missionary from Dominican Republic Domingo Fernández de Navarrete described it in the treatise Collection of Wanderings and Travel.

In 1790, soy milk was mentioned in the book flora of China. Her author — the Vietnamese missionary Juan de Looureiro — described technology of production of this product as a part of process of preparation of tofu.

In the USA this soy drink was for the first time mentioned in the popular magazine American Journal of Pharmacy (in number of June, 1896).

The first children's mixes on the basis of soy and soy flour were developed in the USA in 1909. The pediatrician John Rakhr became their creator. And in 1910 the Chinese biologist and the engineer Li Yu-Jun opened the first soy dairy in the USA. The biologist acquired the first document testifying the right of the inventor in February, 1912. The new product was patented under the name Vegetable Milk and Its Derivatives.

In 1917 the New York company J. A. Chard Soy Products began commercial production of vegetable drink. And in 1929 La Sierra Industries (California) begins to produce tinned milk from soy. In 1931 the Madison Foods company (Tennessee) started production of soy mix with calcium addition.

In the winter of 1936 doctor Harry Miller together with the son started production of the flavored vegetable milk. Besides, the father with the son produced popular soy ice cream. Unfortunately, a fast end of their activity was put by the Japanese troops which intruded on the territory of China. In 1939 Harry Miller's family was forced to return to the USA (Ohio) where it continued the business.

After emergence in the United States vegetable milk rapidly extended on the world.

Whether you know? There is a legend that milk from soy was for the first time made by the Chinese philosopher by the name of Liu An. Elderly mother of the philosopher dreamed to try soy beans, but could not make any more it as she lost teeth with age. Seeking to please the mother, Liu An decided to pyurirovat her favourite beans.

Structure and nutrition value

A large number micro and macrocells is a part of drink. Suspension is also rich with protein and isoflavones. Concentration of protein significantly surpasses its quantity in meat and fish. And thanks to the plant origin such milk contains a large amount of vegetable cellulose.

Concentration of vitamin E (0.11 mg in 100 g) approaches standard daily rate for a human body. The amount of other organic matter are slightly less: B6 vitamin — 0.077 mg; B1 vitamin — 0.06 mg; B2 vitamin — 0.069 mg; B5 vitamin — 0.373 mg; PP vitamin — 0.513 mg; vitamin A — 3 mkg; vitamin K — 3 mkg; beta carotene — 2 mg; it is well-cared — 23.6 mg.

Milk from soy is characterized by low caloric content — 54 kcal on 100 g of a product.

Learn for what such vitamins as methionine, bioflavonoids, lipoic acid, fillokhinon, cholecalciferol, pangamovy acid, metoksantin, orotovy acid, cyanocobalamine, a left carnitine are necessary.

The power value of this type of vegetable milk is close to cow's milk. Let's consider a ratio of proteins, fats, carbohydrates in soy drink. Power value (on 100 g of a product): proteins — 3.27 g (about 13 kcal); fats — 1.75 g (about 16 kcal); carbohydrates — 6.28 g (about 25 kcal).

Nutrition value:

  • polyunsaturated fatty acids — 0.961 g;
  • monounsaturated fatty acids — 0.401 g;
  • saturated fatty acids — 0.205 g;
  • food fibers — 0.6 g;
  • water — 88.05 g.

Useful properties

Soy drink has a number of medicinal and nutritious properties:

  • is irreplaceable at problems with the increased release of gastric juice and also in case of stomach ulcer;
  • the product is easily acquired by an organism, improves metabolism processes;
  • promotes reduction in the amount of cholesterol in blood;
  • stimulates process of disposal of extra kilos;
  • the moderate use improves the general health of the person;
  • fills standard daily rate of protein, necessary for the person, and vitamin E;
  • it is capable to reduce negative consequences of inflammation of a gall bladder;
  • has beneficial effect on work of heart and also on nervous and blood systems;
  • minerals as a part of drink positively influence work of an organism at the cellular level (it is useful at anemia);
  • supports a healthy condition of hair, nails and skin (minimizes all collateral external phenomena in the period of a menopause).

Milk for children

The American children's doctors advise to include bean suspension in a diet of children not earlier, than after achievement of one-year-old age. At the same time thanks to universal qualities of soy this product is considered in the USA a nutritious and significant part of a children's diet. Being an ideal source of high-quality protein and other organic matter, soy supplies children with the same important elements which are concentrated in cow milk.

For food of the child of early age it is purely desirable not to use suspension from soy. Usually bean drink is applied as a substitute of maternal milk to the child suffering from congenital problems of assimilation. For such cases special delactosed mixes in which composition include small portions of soy protein are created.

Children who for a year did not suffer from intolerance of protein can enter soy drink into a food allowance. At the same time there has to be no allergy and to soy milk as quite often the allergy to milk protein at kids precedes an allergy to soy.

Important! Do not forget that aged up to one year drink from soy should not be applied as an alternative to breast milk or mixes.

Harmful properties or contraindications

Despite of a set of useful qualities, bean suspension has a number of minuses. The phytin acid reducing biological availability of phosphorus, calcium, zinc and magnesium is its part therefore processing of these substances decreases. And calcium with which artificially enrich white drink all the same is digested an organism not fully.

Harmful components is also phytoestrogen. Excess of their norm in an organism often negatively affects growth of estrogenzavisimy formations.

Overconsumption of a soy product can become the reason of development of various illnesses, up to pathology of a thyroid gland. Besides, the quantity of spermatozoa at men gradually decreases. A large number of this drink can lead to various problems with an endocrine system also.

However, once again we will emphasize that any harmful effects are possible only at consumption of vegetable milk in large numbers.

Also the probability of development of the allergic phenomena on this white liquid is not excluded. Therefore if earlier you never consumed soy products, you pass to them gradually, watching reaction of your organism.

Important! It is desirable not to give soy milk to women in situation and to nursing mothers.

Recipe for milk of the house

It is simple to make vegetable drink in own kitchen, using for this purpose special kitchen electric devices. Options and recipes for soy milk exists a little. We offer you one of the simplest and not demanding special devices.

It will be necessary for preparation for you:

  • soybeans;
  • water.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Fill in soybeans for the night with water in the ratio 1 to 3.
  2. Merge excess liquid in the morning.
  3. Crush the inflated beans, gradually adding clear water in the ratio: 1 parts of soy and 3 parts of water. The more waters, the ready-made product will turn out less concentrated.
  4. Take a pan in which soy milk will be sterilized. By means of the gauze put several times accurately separate liquid from firm particles and diligently wring out (do it over a pan).
  5. Cover a pan with the received liquid and send to fire to heat up. After boiling you cook 10 more minutes.

Other milk of plant origin

Further we prepared for you the list of other (most useful) vegetable options of replacement of habitual animal milk.

Rice milk

This gentle and sweet liquid is produced from brown rice. In drink there is no gluten and lactose. The advantage of this vegetable suspension is also the ideal proportion of proteins and complex carbohydrates, high concentration of vitamins B and D, calcium and antioxidants. The product is also rich with complex carbohydrates thanks to what it is capable to provide long saturation. Rice drink is good as an after-dinner dessert.

Almond milk

This product is the most popular look among delactosed analogs. At drink the most delicate taste — sweet, but not luscious, with creamy notes. Among biologically significant elements with which this drink can provide an organism — the Omega-3, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium and zinc. It is recommended to pregnant women or women planning pregnancy and also people having heart troubles.

Coconut milk

The taste at this drink is more sweet, than at all other vegetable analogs. At the same time fructose in its structure completely is absent. Besides, only in coconut suspension the lauric acid known for the ability to suppress viruses and to increase immunity was found. The product is saturated with the mass of useful ingredients. For this reason the product is recommended for the autumn and winter period when it is necessary to care for protective forces of an organism.

Hempy milk

Hempy mix is produced from small seeds of hemp. Drink is rich with useful fatty acids, calcium, protein, iron, phosphorus, Riboflavinum, vitamins A, E and D and other organic matter. In traditional medicine this liquid is applied for therapy of epileptic violations. In some countries, suspension is added to cocktails, smoothie and also used as a detox.

Poppy milk

Milk from poppy seeds — one more vegetable delactosed drink. 200 milliliters of this liquid contain almost five times more calcium, than in a glass of usual (animal) milk. Even the small portion of this product allows an organism to receive more calcium, than it is necessary on the recommended standard daily rate.

Milk from cashew

The suspension made of cashew also differs in nut taste. This drink is not so popular as soy or almond, however it has advantages. In it the pleasant taste and advantage for health is combined. In a product a large amount of protein and calcium is concentrated.

Milk from porridge

Oat milk is very easy sweetish cereal drink which quickly is digested an organism. It supplies internals with the mass of important substances among which — protein and cellulose. Oat drink is recommended during the teenage period and also to the athletes seeking to build up muscle bulk. Thanks to group B vitamins as a part of a product it is useful to people with the increased cholesterol level.

Pumpkin milk

This suspension is received from pumpkin seeds by their pyurirovaniye together with water and by additions of natural sweeteners (for example, vanilla sugar). Drink will be pleasant to fans of spicy smack. Pumpkin mix is useful to internals thanks to high concentration of protein, calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium and phosphorus.

As use

Use of this mix in cookery is rather extensive. Soy milk is used at preparation of the most various dishes: from it prepare puddings, do baked puddings, cook kissel and other desserts. Often do batter and also the most various pastries of soy suspension. As well as milk of animals, soy turns sour over time and stvorazhivatsya. In that case do tofu cheese (soy cottage cheese) and kefir of it. Quite often bean milk is used for production of yogurts and milkshakes. Many like to add such milk to tea and coffee.

Asian cuisine is especially rich with recipes with use of soy drink. Here it is applied as full replacement to cow. On it cook milk soups, second courses, porridges (rice, semolina, buckwheat and others).

What it is combined with

Drink is perfectly combined with the following products:

  • sweet fruit (fig, banana, pear, papaya, apples);
  • sweet berries (grapes, wild strawberry, blackberry, currant);
  • any dried fruits (dried apricots, raisin, prunes, fig, dates and others);
  • any nuts (walnut, filbert, almonds, cashew, pistachios, cedar);
  • various grain;
  • boiled potatoes.

Let's list products together with which you should not use soy liquid:

  • fresh vegetables (in particular, cucumbers);
  • plums;
  • sausages;
  • smoked fish;
  • sweet rich pastries (can provoke appearance of pains in a stomach and a meteorizm).

How to choose

It is necessary to choose soy milk carefully. Buying these goods, first of all pay attention to the structure specified on packing. As a part of natural mix there has to be only water and soy (soy extract). It is better that no other ingredients appeared, including sweeteners and fragrances. Existence of the big list of various chemical additives has to cause caution. Preference can be given to the drink enriched with vitamins and minerals.

Important! On packing surely there has to be a marking Without GMO. And the inscription isolated soy protein indicates poor quality of a product (production on the basis of cake).

And at last, packing of goods has to be opaque as on light the most part of useful substances of liquid collapses.


The closed packing of soy milk has to be stored in the cool place, the term of its storage can reach about one year. It is possible to consume already opened product no more than 7 days, at the same time it has to be stored only in the fridge.

Summing up the results, we will note that, considering all list of useful properties of soy liquid, the refusal of the use of this product is not justified. On usefulness it does not concede to animal milk, and in many respects and surpasses it. And tastes of this drink are capable to impress even the most inveterate meat eater.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team