Sports food for girls: what it is necessary for and as it is correct to choose

Sports food for girls: what it is necessary for and as it is correct to choose

Qualitative sports food — not only the privilege of men, but also important need for each sporty woman. It gives the chance to fill the needs of an organism for the most important substances for creation of an ideal body. But, not many know that the sports diet for women can differ from men's. Today we will in detail open this question and also we will define the basic rules of the safe use sport pita for women.

Types of sports food

In the modern market of sports goods the set of types of the nutritional supplements applied by active adherents of sport is known. Most of them is developed for a set of muscle bulk and also increase in sports indicators. However the set of the various connections, both natural, and synthetic origin capable to improve sports indicators and a form even in it, rather quiet and simple sport as fitness was developed in recent years.

The most important groups of sports nutritional supplements for a female body:

  • proteins;
  • amino acids;
  • BCAA;
  • geyner;
  • zhiroszhigatela;
  • left carnitines;
  • glutamines;
  • termogenik;
  • relaksant;
  • pretraining additives;
  • fatty acids.

Whether you know? Creatines were for the first time emitted in 1832, the world famous French scientist and the founder of organic chemistry Michel Shevryol.

Features of application for girls

Sports food equally affects, how a body of men, and women therefore it is not necessary to speak about identity of such means. However, metabolism of each woman differs in a special hormonal background therefore the complex systems of use of such substances have to be regulated surely concerning a sex of the athlete.

In what cases it is possible to use?

Sports food is created for the purpose of improvement of the general physical shape and also increase in sports indicators of male athletes. But also women actively apply it to achievement of an ideal body. Most often such food is a component of the complex sports diet directed to decrease in excess weight or acquisition of a relief body. The main biological goal of the woman is to give new posterity on light that rather seriously affects features of her body. For this purpose the nature gave it ability to instantly accumulate in a body nutrients — in the form of fat deposits. For elimination of this problem many use sports food. It helps to intensify natural processes of transformation of fats to free energy, reduces appetite and also interferes with formation of new fat deposits. It is known that to women volume and expressive muscles are not characteristic, it is explained by the special hormonal background interfering a set of muscle bulk. Helps to help with this question also sport pitas. With its help it is possible to saturate an organism with digestible proteins which help to improve processes of growth of muscles of all body.

Whether you know? Still ancient Greeks dealt about 4 thousand years ago with problems of food in sport. They for the first time proved that enrichment of a diet with meat, seafood and other products with the high content of protein positively affects development of force, endurance and muscle bulk.

As a result of it for the short period it is possible to create the ideal muscular drawing on a body. Besides, you should not forget about what sport pitas helps girls and during a menstrual cycle. In the market there is a set of the special medicines promoting improvement of mood and speed of metabolic reactions. As result, at girls not only unpleasant feelings and weakness vanish in a body, but also the mood increases and also the self-motivation to sport increases.

In what a difference between a men's and female sportpit?

Today, except narrowly targeted hormonal and metabolic means, sports medicines have no specialized sexual purpose. Therefore girls without fear can take the same drugs, as to male athletes. At the same time special attention should be paid to the scheme of the use of such means. As it was mentioned above, the special hormonal background which sharply influences processes of accumulation of fats and growth of muscles is characteristic of women. The use of nutritional supplements is also directed to its correction often.

General rules of application

The basic rules of use of the concentrated nutritional supplements in sport:

  • proteins — the basis of any diet, in day is required to the person not less than 100 — 150 g of pure protein;
  • indispensable condition of an effective training are carbohydrates, without them to achieve vigor in the hall will be difficult;
  • zhiroszhigatel it is necessary to accept in a complex including in combination with a left carnitine. Use of one medicine will not result in the necessary effect;
  • each course on use of additives has to be followed by the use of complex vitamins, without them even expensive mixes are powerless;
  • growth of muscle bulk surely demands availability of fatty acids therefore in complex food they have to be included surely;
  • sport pitas, first of all — an auxiliary element for achievement of an ideal body therefore not to do without complex diet and regular trainings.

Sport pitas for girls

Sports food is divided not only by classes of substances, but also in the direction of application. It surely should be considered during creation of a complex system of application sport pita as the general result depends on it. Traditionally these mixes divide into complexes for weight loss and for a set of muscle bulk. However today there were also additional medicines improving the general training process.

Whether you know? The beginning of modern sports food it is considered to be the middle of the 18th century. At this time the most famous German chemist and the businessman Henry of Nestlé for the first time created the concentrated dry mix differing in the increased maintenance of proteins, vitamins and minerals.

The main

As the main sport food the set of mixes is used, however the huge mass of medicines often it is inexpedient to apply. First, it will lead to huge financial expenses. Secondly, not always such expenses result in desirable effect. We will in detail consider the most important sports nutritional supplements and also we will give their short characteristic.

For weight loss

For weight loss often many trainers advise to resort to cardioloadings, but not always they help to burn subcutaneous fat quickly. For this purpose there is a mass of the reasons, from specific features of an organism to low efficiency of such trainings. Sport pita is possible to solve this problem by means of complex.

Learn how to choose sports food for weight loss and for a set of muscle bulk for girls.

The most important mixes for programs of combustion of fat for women it is considered to be:

  • fast proteins are concentrates of natural proteinaceous connections in the form of powder. They play a key role for an organism as without proteins there is no process of creation of cages of bodies and fabrics. The most widespread among them can call serumal protein;
  • VSAA-medicines — a complex of the amino acids, important for an organism, which are responsible for restoration of the fabrics and cages damaged during sports. Represent the smallest divisible part of proteins, important for a body;
  • zhiroszhigatel — the various medicines (termogenik, a left carnitine) which are responsible for decrease in fat body weight in an organism. Among them distinguish the medicines which are responsible for transformation of fats in the available energy, mixes interfering accumulation of fats and the additives reducing feeling of hunger and appetite.

For a set of weight

It is often heavy to girls to gain the muscle bulk as their organism is not intended for performance of power loadings. Therefore sports food for female bodybuilders is a key condition of achievement of a desirable body. Most often it is based on:

  • fast and slow proteins — the concentrated proteinaceous connections without which there is no growth and development of muscle bulk. The most important among them it is possible to call a serumal protein, powdered milk and casein;
  • amino-acid medicines are VSAA and the other mixes which are responsible for recovery of a body after heavy loadings;
  • arginines are the complex amino acids which are responsible for tire-tread and immunomodulatory processes, at periodic application they increase endurance of an organism and its resistance to various stresses;
  • geyner — complex mix from proteins and quickly usvoyaemy carbohydrates. In sport they are used for a set of muscle bulk and weight, but at the moderate use they help to bring a body into a necessary tone for a long training;
  • fatty acids (an omega 3, 6, 9, 12) are monobasic carbonic acids of animal origin. Intensify metabolic processes of an organism and also increase resistance of a body to various stressful factors.

Important! Medicines for a set of weight are effective only in a complex with power exercises, without high-quality study of muscles they can promote only accumulation of subcutaneous fats.


Additional medicines use for improvement of the general sports results and also increase in efficiency of the main active ingredients. Apply them both at a set of weight, and during drying. Their main goal is to support an organism in difficult stressful situations and to avoid excessive influence of diets and physical activities. As additional medicines most often apply:

  • pretrack bottoms are the complex medicines increasing endurance, power indicators and also self-motivation;
  • pampilka — improve work of muscles and also intensify recovery processes of an organism;
  • nootropa — intensify thought processes and improve mood;
  • relaksant — lead to full relaxation of muscles and nervous system after the heavy trainings;
  • creatines are complex nitrogen-containing substances which intensify power exchange in cages.

Correct use of the main additives

The balanced menu of the athlete surely has to contain various nutritious additives. But not always such diet brings desirable effect. Most often it is connected with non-compliance with the general rules of the use of sports medicines that leads not only to waste of means, but also is rather frequent to ineffectual occupations in the hall. That nutritional supplements brought desirable result, it is necessary to follow the following rules:

  • protein and amino-acid mixes apply three times a day (in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening), in 30 — 40 minutes prior to the main meal. Their morning portion is most important as it helps to give to a body energy for all day;
  • during the training the athlete surely needs an additional charge which will help to be adjusted on an effective training. Best of all for this purpose the medicines based on carbohydrates and fast proteins, so-called geyner approach;
  • pretraining additives are drunk in 15 — 20 minutes prior to warm-up;
  • right after the occupations in the hall the human body needs fast proteins which help to be restored and close proteinaceous fiber;
  • night is the best time for difficult acquired connections (caseins, complex carbohydrates and amino acids), they help to saturate a body with necessary substances throughout all dream.

Important! Before use of any sports medicines it is necessary to consult with the therapist. It will help to avoid sharp reactions of an organism and also difficult allergic manifestations.

The best firms of sports food for girls

The modern market sport pita is crowded with various nutritional supplements, but only the few from them are qualitative and safe. Therefore not to make the wrong choice, the girls watching a body should pay the attention to products of the following producers:

  • Optimum Nutrition;
  • Multipower;
  • BSN;
  • Dymatize;
  • MuscleTech;
  • Weider;
  • Sponser;
  • Twinlab;
  • Gaspari Nutrition;
  • Universal Nutrition.

Qualitative sports food is one of the main conditions of achievement of an optimum form not only for men, but also for women. Functionally such mixes have no distinctions by gender, however at their application it is necessary to consider features of a female body. Otherwise the means spent for additives will not bring desirable results.

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