Sports food for recovery of joints and cartilages"

Sports food for recovery of joints and cartilages"

Any athlete, even not the professional, in the life surely faces injuries which lead to development of various inflammatory, and then chronic processes in joints and sinews. Except good warm-up before occupations it is necessary to include the strengthening sports additives in the diet. Let's consider the most demanded of them.

Why it is necessary to accept additives for joints?

For obtaining good results in strength sports and, in particular, in fashionable bodybuilding and powerlifting, it is necessary for athletes at trainings, for creation of the maximum load on all muscle tissues, to be engaged constantly with a big weight which needs to be increased gradually.

And it, in turn, increases risk of developing of an injury of joints or stretching and ruptures of sheaves. As our organism is not ready to such increased loads — it is necessary to strengthen vulnerable parts of a body. One healthy nutrition is not enough for completion of expenses of an organism during the trainings.

Whether you know? The first sports dietary supplements appeared in 1934, and they were directed to replenishment of a food allowance of athletes by vitamins and minerals.

For strengthening of sinews and cartilaginous tissue it is recommended to take various specially developed drugs as constant load and traumatizing a cartilage lead to development of such disease as osteoarthrosis — a disease which first symptoms at first is pain at movements and decreases further physical activity and disability develops. It is necessary to understand that diseases of joints and ligaments practically do not respond to treatment therefore it is necessary to attach great value to prevention of their emergence. If you — the adherent of strength sports, at the same time feel pain, a crunch, weight in joints and sinews at the movement, are injured or just want to strengthen a body, then you will be helped by sports food.

Olga Yanchuk's gymnastics will help to get rid of joint pain.

As a part of medicines there are such elements:

  1. Glycosamine — one of the major elements serving in process of restoration and creation of cartilaginous tissue. The organism itself also produces this substance, but at strong physical activities the need for it increases. Provides reliable protection and is preventive substance in appearance of the injuries connected with stretchings, dislocations and fractures.
  2. Chondroitin — a component for production of connecting fabrics, is lubricant for cartilages. Protects joints from deleting and also helps to reduce the level of pain.
  3. Collagen — protein which has to provide elasticity of connecting fabrics.
  4. Calcium in a complex with vitamin D — is responsible for durability of bones.
  5. Ascorbic acid — promotes elimination of inflammations and increases amount of collagen.

Important! The relevance of a question of prevention is acquired by primacy for people to whom already "for 30" — at this age connecting fabric becomes the most vulnerable.

Rating of the best

It is possible to distinguish such most popular complexes from the set which is released sport pita for joints and ligaments:

  1. "Animal Flex" — contains zinc, manganese and vitamins. Reduces pain, promotes revival of cartilaginous tissue, so, strengthens production of lubricant substance for joints and by that removes inflammatory process. During the day it is necessary to use 1 bag, irrespective of meal.
  2. "Arthreo Free" — are present a glycosamine and chondroitin with ascorbic acid at structure. Medicine restores collagen, liquidates pain, puffiness and inflammatory processes thanks to strengthening of release of liquid in joints. About 5 capsules together with food are accepted once a day.
  3. "Arthro Help" — includes organic sulfur, zinc and a glycosamine. Such structure has soothing effect, stops destructive processes in fabrics and restores mobility in joints. For prevention use 1 ampoule a day, for treatment — twice a day. The drug is taken after a meal.
  4. "Joint Repair" — supports MCM (metilsulfonilmetan), chondroitin and a glycosamine which are responsible for preservation and recovery of integrity of joints, vessels and sheaves and also promote production of synovial liquid. Inclusion in meal time — 2 capsules twice a day.
  5. "Bone Boost" — as a part of MSNS (concentrate of a microcrystalline hydroxyapatite), vitamin D and also cissus quadrangularis plant (a cissus quadrangular), capable to accelerate growth of bones. In a complex all components strengthen bones, promote elasticity of sinews and muscles, minimize the inflammation centers. Is accepted in the morning and right after the classes in 1 bag (2 bags a day).

Important! Any drug needs to be taken a course from 1 to 2 months, and the positive effect will be reached at repetitions 2 — 3 times a year.

About importance of healthy food

Except various sports additives, it is necessary to eat properly. From a daily diet it is necessary to remove food which does harm to an organism, and it:

  1. The fried and smoked products contributing to the development of the centers of inflammation.
  2. Hot tea and coffee — are the reason of accumulation of uric acid which reduces mobility of joints.
  3. Products with a large number of synthetic components.

Nutritious additives for athletes in a complex with correct, well balanced, the diet containing low-fat food and a large number of vegetables and fruit help to work normally to the musculoskeletal device and exclude inflammatory processes.

Whether you know? To keep all useful substances in products, for preparation it is necessary to use the enameled ware, and it is better to salt or make sour vegetables, but not to pickle.

Basic principles of healthy nutrition:

  1. The most useful products are those which contain a lot of vitamin C which promotes development in a collagen organism. These are vegetables and fruit (apples, a citrus, paprika), berries (dogrose, blackcurrant, strawberry).
  2. The food incorporating calcium — cottage cheese, yogurt, hard cheeses, bean, greens, sesame.
  3. Potassium which in large numbers is present at buckwheat and oat grain, prunes, walnuts is necessary for an organism for removal of phosphatic connections.
  4. Fish and seafood where Omega-3 fatty acids contain.
  5. Dietary meat — rabbit flesh, chicken meat, turkey and beef.
  6. In day to drink not less than 2 liters of not aerated clear water, and tea on the basis of herbs will well satisfy thirst and will sate an organism with useful elements.

We recommend to learn what vitamins are necessary for joints and ligaments.

Video: 10 basic principles of healthy nutrition to Appoint and cancel intake of various medicines including steroids, only the doctor can, self-treatment in this case is inadmissible. For obtaining good result the course which is appointed has to be passed without breaks and completely even if improvement occurred at once.

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