Stewed haricot with garden radish salad

Stewed haricot with garden radish salad

Bean contain soluble cellulose, iron and vegetable protein. They also contain valuable biological substances which stimulate a metabolism. Therefore it is very useful for the people adhering to a diet to use dishes from bean, for example, from haricot.

It is required to you

  • - Small can of haricot
  • - Onion
  • - Garlic glove
  • - 1 big or 2 small carrots
  • - 1 stalk of a celery (including leaves)
  • - 1 tablespoon of tomato paste
  • - 175 ml of vegetable broth
  • - 1 teaspoon of lemon juice
  • - Caraway seeds
  • - Salt and pepper
  • - It is a little desi
  • For salad:
  • - 3 radish
  • - 1 tablespoon of lemon juice
  • - salt


1. It is good to wash out and clean all vegetables. From haricot to merge liquid. Small to cut onions and garlic. To cut carrots and a celery with thin slices. To dig leaves of a celery on pieces.

2. Warm a desi in a deep frying pan and fry onions and carrots a couple of minutes. Add garlic and a celery and to fry a minute more. Add haricot to a frying pan.

3. Part tomato paste, caraway seeds, both pepper and salt in vegetable broth. Pour out in a frying pan. Extinguish 10 minutes. Then to remove from fire and to fill with lemon juice.

4. Give with garden radish salad. Grate a garden radish, fill with a small amount of lemon juice and salt.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team