Sweeties from a sea-buckthorn

Sweeties from a sea-buckthorn

The sea-buckthorn has many useful properties. It contains various vitamins and minerals, helps the organism weakened by cold. The sea-buckthorn can be eaten fresh, having sugared, or to prepare from it tasty and useful desserts.

Home-made sea-buckthorn jam

It is required to you:

- 1 kg of berries of a sea-buckthorn; - 1 kg of sugar.

Jam can be cooked also from several grades of berries, for example, from mix of a sea-buckthorn and raspberry.

As sea-buckthorn berries small also comprise stones, you will need time for preparation of berry weight for jam making. Wash up a sea-buckthorn, clean from leaves and branches, dry. Turn berries via the meat grinder that they turned into puree. Wipe ready sea-buckthorn weight through a sieve or filter through fine fabric.

Actually for jam making you will have only a berry juice with a small amount of pulp. Pour out juice in a pan, bring to the boil and you cook 10-15 minutes. After that pour sugar and prepare 15 more minutes. Sugar has to be dissolved completely, and jam - to thicken.

The pulp of a sea-buckthorn which remained after juice expressing can be used for preparation of useful sea-buckthorn oil which has wound healing effect.

Prepare tanks for jam. Put cups together with metal covers in a pan on which bottom the towel is laid. Pour water in capacity, bring to the boil and you keep banks several minutes. After that take out ware and dry. Pour jam on banks and roll up metal covers by means of the special machine. The cooled-down jam you store in the cool place, and after opening banks - in the fridge. Such jam can be served to tea as the main dessert or to use at pastries. Also sea-buckthorn jam can become a basis for fruit drink or berry jelly.

Home-made sea-buckthorn cakes

This unusual recipe will help you to make your traditional dessert menu more various. It is required to you: - 250 g of berries of a sea-buckthorn; - 2.5 cups of flour; - 1 articles of a refiner syrup; - 1 tablespoons of a yeast powder; - 1 cups of milk; - 1/3 cups of vegetable oil; - 2 eggs. Mix flour, sugar and yeast in a deep bowl. Break eggs and add together with vegetable oil there. Pour in milk and mix dough so that lumps weren't formed. Let's the test stand half an hour that yeast dispersed. Meanwhile wash up and dry up sea-buckthorn berries. Add them to dough. Oil baking cups (it is the best of all if they are silicone) and fill in in them dough. Dough shouldn't reach to the brim, and has to occupy at most 3/4 volumes of a mold. Warm an oven to 180 wasps and bake in it cakes within 25 minutes. They have to rise and be reddened. Take out them from molds at once after preparation. Cakes can be served as an independent dish and also with a berry or sweet creamy sauce or with ice cream.

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