fruits of tangerine, whose smell and aroma each New year pleases us, bear in themselves huge curative force. Literally each part of this fruit, including stones and a peel, is used for strengthening of an organism and treatment of various illnesses.

Tangerines to the rastutnaderevyaena more than 4 meters, densely pokrytykhmelky green foliage. Initially tangerine grew in China, and it got to Europe relatively recently – in a century before last. Tangerine perfectly adapts under new conditions and can seem to the uneducated person that it is native fruktv Spain, Portugal, Greece, Turkey and Georgia.

The fruit of tangerine of round shape of ioranzhevy color, has diameter from three to six centimeters, and slightly will flatten on both sides. Uspely fruits of tangerine the peel more often thin and easily separates from pulp.

Pulp gentle and sweet, consists of ten segments of orange color and depending on a grade may contain stones. Tangerine is distinctive feature the fact that at removal of a peel voznikayetustoychivy aromatiz-for the distribution of essential oils which is contained in a peel. As well as it is peculiar to citrus plants, tangerines are long stored and practically do not lose the useful properties.

Tangerines are tasty extremely useful fruit. They are used fresh, do of them juice and compotes, used at production of jam, candied fruits, as a part of various dishes and salads.

The peel mandarinashiroko is used in the food and cosmetology industry, also make the medicines and tinctures applied in the medical and preventive purposes of it. The tangerines and products prepared from them successfully apply to prevention and treatment of many diseases.

Vitaminy elements which contain in tangerines do them by fruit, irreplaceable for good health. They are accepted from stomach pains, diabetes, cough, bronchitis and cold. Fresh tangerine juice is used in quality quality of dietary and medical drink. Fitontsidny and antiseptic properties of tangerines do them excellent preventive and remedy at treatment of many respiratory diseases.

Or it is better for the people having ulcer of stomach and a duodenum to refrain from consumption of tangerines.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team