Tasty and original cocktail from which the head never hurts

Tasty and original cocktail from which the head never hurts

It is considered that beer can't be combined with vodka. I can disprove this statement: I advise all to taste cocktail which basis are two of these drinks.

It is required to us (for eight portions): - 1 big lemon;

- Two (!) glasses of sugar; - gram400 vodka; - The 4th banks of light beer 0.5 liters (or the 2nd banks 1 liter); - Ice cubes (approximately on 3 cubes for the portion);

- 8 tall glasses for cocktail and 8 straws.1. We do lemon syrup. For this purpose we fill up sugar in a saucepan, we add a glass of cold water and we put on fire. We bring to the boil, constantly stirring slowly, we scum, we cook 2 minutes, we remove from a plate. We add lemon juice to a hot sugar syrup, and we cut a crust on 8 pieces and also we send to syrup. We mix and leave to be cooled. During this time crusts will sate syrup with delightful citrus aroma. After cooling of a crust we take out, we wring out and we throw out.

2. We make cocktail. We put ice cubes on a bottom of each glass, from above we pour syrup. Then we add 50 grams of vodka to each glass, and we pour up to the top light beer. We throw a straw into a glass and we give on a table. Success is provided – your guests will long guess from what cocktail is made and to elicit the recipe!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team