Tasty cottage cheese cake in 30 minutes

Tasty cottage cheese cake in 30 minutes

Cottage cheese gives to pastries a peculiar, delicate and mild flavor. Cottage cheese cake is prepared from the simple recipe all for half an hour and it turns out extraordinary tasty.

Preparation of cottage cheese cake will require the following products:

- 190-200 grams of fresh cottage cheese

- couple of eggs

- 60-70 grams of sour cream

- 50-70 grams of a desi

- 150-200 grams of sugar (as it is pleasant to whom)

- 1 glass of the WHITE flour

- 5 grams of soda

Preparation of cottage cheese cake:

1. If necessary to crush cottage cheese (if it grain).

2. To add couple of eggs, sugar, sour cream, oil and soda to cottage cheese. It is good to mix everything. To salt a little.

3. To curds to sift necessary amount of flour, to mix.

4. Lay out all received weight in the special form previously greased.

5. It is necessary to bake cottage cheese cake at a moderate temperature (170-180 degrees). You watch readiness of cake on color: it was well reddened, means it is ready. It is also possible to check, having pierced cake a match or a toothpick.

Cottage cheese cake allows a set of variations and allows to show imagination. It is possible to try to bake it, having added raisin or the crushed candied fruits and dried fruits. It is also possible to add to dough cinnamon or vanillin for aroma. Addition of fruit is allowed: pieces of apples, pears or bananas.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team