Tasty home-made kvass

Tasty home-made kvass

Kvass is rather widespread drink at the Russian person who is used not only for thirst satisfying (especially in hot season), but also for preparation of various dishes (kissel, Russian cabbage soup, okroshka and others).

Of course, the simplest option is acquisition of already ready drink in shop. As a last resort, buy ferment to fill in it with water and to stand a certain amount of time. But home-made kvass differs in aroma of a rye bread and a slightly acid flavor. There is a huge number of recipes: on the basis of bread, a rhubarb, berries, beet, etc.

For receiving rye kvass it is necessary to prepare crackers previously. For this purpose cut a rye bread and slightly fry them in an oven. Ready croutons are filled in with warm water for some time. Then infusion merges, new water which mixes up in a couple of hours in the first in the portion is added to crackers. This mix needs to be cooled to room temperature then to add granulated sugar to taste (as a rule, on a 3-liter jar one glass of sugar suffices) and the divorced yeast. Capacity needs to be put to the warm place for 12 hours. Pour ready grain drink in the prepared bottles or banks and to put in the fridge. It is more preferable to use chilled!

For preparation of simple grain kvass it will be required several chunks of the "Borodino" bread, a raisin handful, 1-1.5 glasses of sugar and tea it is false yeast. The recipe is popular that is caused by its simplicity. Fry the cut pieces in an oven to a ruddy crust, place on a 3-liter jar bottom, add other components, fill in with water and cover (but not to close) with a cover. In a day home-made kvass is completely ready-to-serve. If desired it is possible to add several leaflets of mint, blackcurrant, a pinch of cinnamon or it is a little honey. At the expense of it drink will become more refined with original taste and a smell.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team