Tasty pancakes with light salad

Tasty pancakes with light salad

This remarkable recipe of pancakes with salad will present to you not only a light and useful dish, but also a great idea for a fast breakfast, a picnic, a hen party and even a holiday table. Besides preparation of salad for pancakes - process creative and fascinating.

It is required to you

  • - milk
  • - wheat and oat flour
  • - eggs
  • - salt
  • - greens
  • - cucumber
  • - sour cream
  • - little vegetable oil


1. This recipe of tasty pancakes with salad will be pleasant to those who keep a figure, but loves pastries. For preparation of pancakes you need a lot of greens. Use spinach, parsley, fennel, green onions and it is a little mint leaves. If you have any other greens, take also it. Light and useful salad for pancakes will turn out on the basis of the maximum use of greens.

2. For preparation of egg pancakes on milk use your traditional recipe. To make light and tasty pancakes, add a little oat flour to dough. It will make them more usefully, and more gently. Make pancakes in advance if there is no time in the morning. Having frozen them in the freezer, you will always easily make pancakes with a tasty stuffing at any time.

3. Make salad for pancakes. Wash up a cucumber and small cut it. Carefully wash up greens and dry it a little. Then small cut, mix with a cucumber, salt a little and put a small amount of a stuffing on pancake. Add couple of spoons of sour cream and tie pancake a sack. That pancake didn't break up, use an onions feather.

4. Tasty pancakes with salad can be made having changed a stuffing a little. Cheese, eggs will make a dish more nourishing. The cucumber, a celery, shrimps and fat-free yogurt will turn this recipe of pancakes into very useful dish. Tasty food for a holiday table and daily maybe light, and useful.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team