Tasty persimmon salads

Tasty persimmon salads

With approach of winter in shops tasty east fruit – persimmon appears. Despite a little astringent taste, many Russians love this orange delicacy. Persimmon not only is nice to the taste, but also is very useful - contains vitamins A, B1, B2, C, E, PP and pectin in the structure. It is possible to use it in any kind: in crude, in boiled, as an independent dish in the form of a dessert and also as a part of various dishes. From this exotic fruit surprisingly tasty salads turn out.

Fruit salad with persimmon

Wash and clean one apple, three persimmons and one grenades. In a cup cut small into cubes apple and persimmon, add pomegranate seed. Fill fruit with juice of a half of a lemon and a teaspoon of natural honey. Well mix cup contents. When giving on a table decorate salad with leaflets of green mint.

Dietary persimmon salad

In a salad bowl cut two red tomatoes. Clean and chop one sweet bulb. Small cut one large persimmon. Mix all ingredients, having added a little melkomoloty ginger and several drops of lemon juice. You can pepper a little salad to taste.

Chicken salad with persimmon and apple

Peel one apple and one persimmon, remove seeds and stones. Cut the peeled fruit small into cubes. To the crushed fruit put in a salad bowl cut with small pieces hundred fifty grams of the slightly smoked chicken fillet. Also boiled chicken breast is admissible. Fill salad with two tablespoons of cedar oil. At will you can decorate salad with fennel greens.

Vitamin persimmon salad

For preparation of salad it is required: one persimmon, paprika in number of one piece and surely red color, a half-bunch of salad, a cilantro half-bunch, on one tablespoon of olive oil, natural honey, a soy-bean sauce, juice of a half of a lemon. Cut the peeled persimmon on small pieces. Add the cut small sweet paprika, a leaf lettuce and cilantro to persimmon. Fill a vitamin dish with mix of olive oil, a soy-bean sauce, honey and lemon juice.

Orange Mood salad

Use the following ingredients for preparation of salad: two hundred grams of smoked red fish (salmon, trout), one boiled egg, one tablespoon of red caviar, seventy grams of cream cheese, one tablespoon of cream, lettuce leaves, one ripe persimmon, one tablespoon of lemon juice, little cracked ginger, salt.

Lay out  lettuce leaves on a dish, water them with lemon juice. On salad serially spread pieces of smoked red fish, segment of eggs, caviar. Shake up by means of the blender cream cheese with cream, having salted and having added a little ginger. Squeeze out the prepared weight from the culinary syringe on salad. From above lay out the persimmon cut with small segments in the form of a flower. Orange Mood salad is ready.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team