Tea milk oolong tea: what is it, as do also how many times to make

Tea milk oolong tea: what is it, as do also how many times to make

Oolong tea is carried to the semi-fermented tea which rate of fermentation average, in comparison with usual black or green tea. Tea milk oolong tea is considered the most popular among other semi-fermented teas therefore today we will consider its useful and harmful properties and we learn to whom this drink is contraindicated.

What tea is

Milk oolong tea is grown up in China, in the Province of Fujian. Externally young leaves are similar to other grade — Tieguanyin, but milk oolong tea has special aroma which cannot be confused with other drinks. Drink received the name thanks to dairy and caramel aroma, at the correct tea brewing.

Whether you know? Cultivation of milk oolong tea happens at the height about 1000 meters, and collect tea leaves during the spring and autumn period.

Despite special aroma, there are no considered components in tea therefore we will consider how do milk oolong tea.

The first way rather expensive therefore also raw materials, respectively, have the high price in specialized shops, besides, it it is very difficult to find. By special fermentation when leaves of tea are exposed to partial oxidation and drying, the product with dairy aroma turns out.

The second way does a product reduced more the price therefore it is available to purchase in usual shops. It differs in the worst quality and not such expressed aroma. To make a product, flavor usual green tea, giving it a milk smell.

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Chemical composition

Milk oolong tea, except excellent aroma, is the main feature of tea its rich chemical composition with contents:

  • essential oils;
  • tannins;
  • polyphenols;
  • theine;
  • antioxidants;
  • vitamins;
  • potassium, phosphoric, zinc, magnesian, ftorovy, sodium, manganese connections.

Whether you know? Milk oolong tea is considered the most consumed Chinese tea in the European countries. In China it began to be grown up specially for export in the sixties of the 20th century.

Tea milk oolong tea is characterized by low caloric content: only 1.4 kcal are the share of 1 tsp of a dry product.

Than milk oolong tea is useful

Drink from leaves of bushes is made for thirst satisfying, also attribute it a set of medicinal properties.

Distinguish ability from positive influence on an organism of the considered drink:

  • to calm nervous system of the person;
  • to have the weakening effect;
  • to tone up an organism;
  • to improve brain activity;
  • to strengthen blood vessels;
  • to have preventive impact on developing of atherosclerosis;
  • to adjust blood circulation, to clean vessels from cholesteric plaques;
  • to feed an organism with useful substances and vitamins which lack in an organism;
  • to make preventive impact on an organism against diseases of a cardiovascular system;
  • to strengthen immunity, to increase protective forces of an organism;
  • to strengthen processes of exchange in an organism that, in turn, promotes prevention of presenilation;
  • to make antioxidant impact on an organism;
  • to promote weight loss;
  • to improve digestion;
  • to have preventive impact on an organism against emergence of cancer tumoral formations.

As it is correct to choose upon purchase

To buy quality raw materials, it is necessary to understand some nuances of appearance and a smell of the sold product.

First of all, examine appearance of tea if it is possible. The leaves filling packing have to be the identical size, are twisted and compressed in lumps. The fresh product will be a little with gloss. If raw materials contain any branches or leaves of the different sizes and forms, then, most likely, before you a low-quality product. Leaves have a saturated olive-green shade, places more dark. The quality product pleasant on a smell, has saturated and pronounced aroma.

Pay attention to the price and buy a product which costs not cheaper than average market price. If you want to get a natural expensive product, visit specialized shops.

How to store in house conditions

It is better to keep the bought house product in glass, porcelain or ceramic tanks, in the darkened places which are removed from direct sunshine.

Important! Do not recommend to pour tea leaves into tin or metal tanks as the product can lose the aromatic and useful properties.

The product can actively absorb foreign smells therefore place it far from spices and other fragrant products and also densely close a cover the container with oolong tea.

How to make and drink milk oolong tea

It is important not correct to choose raw materials, but also the nobility as to make it to receive the most saturated and fragrant drink and to keep all useful substances.

Before making milk oolong tea — green tea, it is necessary to pick up capacity correctly. Ceramic or porcelain teapots are ideal for such drink. Before preparation of tea the capacity should be filled in with boiled water to remove a foreign smell and to warm up a little.

When ware is previously processed, it is possible to begin to cook drink.

Liquid temperature for a zavarivaniye should not be above 80 °C. The boiling water for a zavarivaniye is not used. To receive saturated taste and aroma, recommend to add 1 tsp on each cup.

It is better to fill in dry leaves with a large amount of water in a teapot. For a start a little boiled water is poured over tea leaves, scalding it, then liquid at once merges. The second time already scalded tea leaves is filled in with necessary amount of liquid.

Also it is necessary to choose carefully water for use in tea — it has to be qualitative. It is known that oolong tea is ready not once therefore we will consider how many times it is possible to make milk oolong tea. Repeatedly it is possible to make already used tea leaves about 8 more times, at the same time quality raw materials every time after scalding will give the aroma and saturation, as well as in the previous cases of a zavarivaniye.

Important! It is recommended to drink milk oolong tea in day or evening. The daily dose of tea which can be used without harm for health makes 2-3 cups.

Contraindications and harm

Though milk oolong tea is also considered useful drink, nevertheless there are some contraindications to its use for drink. In certain cases when people have an allergy to components of tea or have chronic diseases, it is necessary to use milk oolong tea in limited quantities or at all to refuse the use.

It is forbidden to drink this drink to people with an ulcer, gastritis, to pregnant women and the feeding women.

People with hypertensive diseases have to limit consumption of this tea. It is not recommended to use milk oolong tea before going to bed as its reception can become the cause of insomnia.

Milk oolong tea can do harm to an organism only in case of uncontrolled consumption of drink in large numbers. High content of theine which is similar to caffeine can increase considerably pressure and cause headaches.

If people have diseases of kidneys and drink milk oolong tea much, it can become the reason of exacerbation of diseases as means is considered strong diuretic drink.

Also considered drink can paint tooth enamel and if not to rinse companies clear water after drink, then the shade of teeth will be yellowish.

Thus, milk oolong tea is useful and tasty drink which won popularity worldwide for a long time. The main thing in consumption of this tea is not to exceed standard daily rate and to consider features of the organism not to provoke possible exacerbations of chronic diseases.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team