Tea rooibos: what is it, than it is useful how to make and use

Tea rooibos: what is it, than it is useful how to make and use

Also those about which existence our compatriots did not even suspect though the real gourmets to Uda for certain managed to estimate taste of many of them occur among a set of the most various teas. Especially unusual tea would like to pay attention to rooibos which, by the way, has the African roots. Than this drink is remarkable as to prepare and to use it — read further.

What is it and as it is made

The specified drink received the name thanks to a plant from which tea leaves turn out. The bush rooibos (or roybos — a red bush) is widespread in Africa and is characterized by very fragrant branches and leaflets that in a consequence and became the most excellent basis for creation of tea.

Today, the bush relating to family Bean becomes more and more popular in different corners of the world, however most of all, drink from it is honored in the African countries, the Republic of South Africa and Japan which residents long since appreciate all natural.

Despite the same raw materials for creation, tea rooibos can have different shades: red or green that is caused by a concrete way of processing of leaves. If young branches together with sheet plates, are small crushed and steamed at once, then the ready-made product will be green and if after collecting they undergo fermentation process, then, eventually, we receive red raw materials. Green tea roybos — grassy and gentle on taste while red more sweetish also differs in wood flavoring notes.

Whether you know? In Europe for the first time learned about a wonderful plant only in the 18th century when in 1772 it was described by the botanist Karl Gumberg. However, Europeans tasted tea still later — at the beginning of the XX century.

What is a part

Among important elements of structure which caused advantage of tea it should be noted a large amount of antioxidants, vitamins E, C, A, PP, flavonid and phytoncides.

For certain will interestingly read you about properties of milk, coffee, chicory, birch and fruit juice and also to what gives tea in bags.

Besides, rather useful to our organism will be also the mineral components presented by potassium, sodium, iron, zinc, fluorine, manganese, magnesium, copper.

Among fermental antioxidants, from the medical point of view, it is most interesting superoxide dismutase, and here tastes to a plant are given by the glucose which is contained in it (thanks to it this drink is loved even by children).

It is necessary to tell that antioxidants are capable to prolong youth, to suppress influence on an organism of free radicals and to prevent growth and development of malignant new growths.

Advantage for an organism

The antioxidants which are contained in rooibos do it by a great option for preparation of the medical structures and cosmetology means used at allergic reactions, intoxication of an organism and need of its full cleaning.

In this regard tea from a plant can be applied as prevention of malignant new growths as the means prolonging youth and increasing physical activity of the person.

Not less useful rooibos appeared also for nervous system. One of its undoubted advantages is successful fight against insomnia, decrease in nervous excitability, a stress and disposal of depressions together with what memory and ability to concentration of attention increases. At constant application of the described tea, less expressed are also deviations in work of a cardiovascular system. In particular, many people note at themselves normalization of arterial blood pressure, stabilization of level of cholesterol in blood and even improvement a state at a varicosity.

Cases of beneficial influence of drink are noted and at treatment of diseases of dermatological character: eczemas, allergic rashes, dermatitis and if you observe still all requirements to a zavarivaniye and consumption of this tea, then completely will pass also the gripes tormenting you, the chair is normalized and the appetite will improve.

We recommend to you to esteem about useful properties and contraindications of teas of a sench, milk oolong tea, ivan-tea and also, a tea mushroom.

All merits of this unique drink, undoubtedly, will be useful in case of a metabolic disorder in an organism, in particular at an urolithic disease and diabetes.

Sometimes doctors recommend it to use as antibacterial and the resolvent helping to cope with cough, flu, catarrhal illnesses, a tonsillitis and a SARS.

Whether you know? If at tea brewing of rooibos you had unnecessary remains of drink — do not hurry to pour out them. The available houses pottery plants will be very grateful to you for similar fertilizing.

How to choose a quality product upon purchase

The real tea rooibos really has all above properties, but if you want to receive only natural, full-fledged structure, then it is necessary to know about rules of the choice of the specified product.

First of all, it is worth paying the attention to the following characteristics:

  • the texture of tea has to be easy and friable;
  • color — uniform and bright;
  • the appearance — usually reminds sawdust;
  • the smell — gives weak hay aroma.

If to you one of the flavored grades attracted, be convinced that it is made with use only of natural additives. It is good to track also uniformity of color of tea leaves, if in it any impregnations of other color are traced, so with high probability it is possible to speak about violation of technological process of preparation and processing of raw materials.

It is possible to buy tea rooibos in many supermarkets, today however if you are interested in exclusive grades, or you just do not want to doubt quality of the acquired product, then it is better to pay attention to goods of specialized shops or tea salons.

Examining packing of tea, surely pay attention to information on manufacturer, an expiration date and date of production.

Important! The overdue or badly stored product delivered without observance of all requirements to transportation though is not deadly, but nevertheless is capable to cause problems with digestive system.

How to store in house conditions

It is desirable to pour any tea after purchase into a constant container for storage. In a case with the great option of such vessel described by rooibos there will be a ceramic capacity with a skintight cover which together with tea is desirable for placing on storage in the dark and dry place. Temperature indoors can is ranging from 0 up to +30 °C, but even at ideal observance of all conditions, the expiration date of a product will end in two and a half years after the date of production specified on packing.

How to prepare and drink

As you already probably noticed, there is a lot of positive properties at this African drink and that it really brought you only benefit, having given all the useful components to an organism, it is important to learn to cook tea correctly.

It is interesting that per day from one portion of rooibos about four cups of fragrant and tasty drink turn out, of course, if you perform previously the following operations:

  • it is necessary to put tea leaves of a roybos in the porcelain teapot prepared and washed with hot water (one glass of boiled water has to fall on 1 teaspoon of raw materials);
  • then to fill in it with water, with the temperature of +95 °C;
  • it is dense to close a teapot a cover and to leave in the warm place for 7 minutes.

Many experts in the field of a tea drinking consider such option the most correct way of preparation of tasty and fragrant tea, however, according to some other descriptions (depending on the country) duration of steaming of drink can have also other values.

So, for example, Japanese consider that the most tasty rooibos turns out after a ten-minute zavarivaniye while residents of South Africa soar tea leaves not less than half an hour. In principle, there is no secret here, just what longer you will make tea, especially useful it will turn out as a result.

Ready drink can be drunk in a traditional hot look, and it is possible to cool or even to cool for the subsequent creation of various cocktails and nonalcoholic punches.

Important! It is necessary to tell that the sweet and at the same time wood taste of the African tea, is rather unusual to those who did not get used to exotic innovations therefore at the initial stages of acquaintance to rooibos it is better to give preference to drink with certain additives (cinnamon, strawberry, a citrus will be interesting options).

It is possible to find types of rooibos in tea benches and with more unusual additives: pieces of a coco, banana, peach, pineapple and even in flowers of a cornflower. To be defined in the flavoring preferences it is possible to try all specified versions.

As it is possible to use in the cosmetic purposes

In view of richness of antioxidant properties of rooibos, it is no wonder that extract from this plant took the place in the world of cosmetic products. He perfectly fitted into composition of the rejuvenating and toning creams as really makes noticeable positive impact on skin.

In house cosmetology, the specified African tea is used in the most various types:

  • when washing by brewing tea of rooibos, you will be able to remove fatigue traces from the face, to improve appearance of an integument and to level texture;
  • lotions from drink will help to get rid of bruises under eyes and to smooth so-called goose pads;
  • usual house face packs (for example, sour cream) with addition of one teaspoon of drink, perfectly smooth all roughnesses of an integument and rejuvenate it;
  • use of tea of rooibos for rinsing of hair after washing intensifies their growth, and you can how just to wash up them in infusion, and to create a mask on the basis of tea;

Rosemary, lyubistok, sesame seeds and also oils of a flax, sesame, cocoa, avocado and jojoba also use for activization of growth of hair.

  • having added extract of the specified plant to relaxing baths, it is possible to remove stress after long day of work and to gradually remove orange-peel from the most problem parts of the body.

Unfortunately, not all women on own experience estimated magic effect of application of tea rooibos, but if you prepare cosmetics on its basis once, then for certain you will return to them again.

Whether pregnant women can use

It is no secret that many types of teas contain caffeine, let and in the minimum quantities. During pregnancy the frequent consumption of such drinks can lead to undesirable consequences in the form of the raised uterus tone.

However, as for rooibos, it is possible not to worry about it, in it there is no caffeine and it is completely safe both for future mothers, and for women during feeding of kids a breast. Moreover, during the gestational period tea will help an organism to acquire better iron, will promote processes of blood formation and will enrich an organism with nutrients necessary for it.

Whether you know? To reduce amount of caffeine in tea, it is necessary to make only its two times: the first time to draw it 30 seconds and to merge liquid, and then again to fill in tea leaves with boiled water and to make five minutes.

Contraindications and harm

The African tea roybos has practically no contraindications therefore also there are no bans on its application simply. The only thing that can stop you from consumption of this unusual drink — individual sensitivity to tea components that meets infrequently.

Well and of course, a certain care in application is required and to bring down at the lowered values of arterial blood pressure as there is a risk it even more. For the rest, the African rooibos — completely safe drink which has just huge reserve of substances, useful to a human body. The impressive list of its advantages is already a good occasion to try the specified tea.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team