Than avocado for women is useful

Than avocado for women is useful

Avocado, come to middle latitudes from the warm tropical countries, by right is considered one of the most unusual and useful fruits.

While the majority of fruit and vegetables consist of carbohydrates, in avocado fats prevail. This fruit represents the concentrated biological set of useful substances, vitamins and minerals which are vital to a human body, in particular women's.

Girls can apply avocado not only in cookery, but also in cosmetology — on the basis of a fruit excellent natural skin care products and hair turn out.

Than avocado for women is useful

Avocado it is recognized as one of the most important products for female health because of the high level of content of vitamin and mineral substances, namely copper, potassium and folic acid.

Fruits of avocado help to normalize water, acid and electrolytic balance, to improve work of central nervous system, to strengthen the protective system of an organism, to increase sight. Whether it is worth saying that the high performance, vigor, great job of a brain and mood become result of the consumption of avocado.

  1. For immunity. B6 and Page vitamins are responsible for maintenance of protective forces of an organism.
  2. For a cardiovascular system. The green fruit helps to strengthen vessels and to prevent formation of cholesteric plaques that is excellent prevention of an ischemic disease. Besides avocado normalizes the level of bad and good cholesterol, stimulates production of hemoglobin, helps to support the normal AD level and regulates blood clotting.

Study useful properties of oil of avocado.

  1. For a GIT. The use of a fruit is several times a week capable to adjust work of digestive system: to normalize microflora, to remove toxins and to clean a liver, to eliminate locks.
  2. For memory. Thanks to a large amount of B6 vitamin and potassium the conductivity of nervous impulses and also processes of excitement and braking of nervous system improves. As result, the quality of intellectual processes increases.
  3. For skin. To keep beauty, youth and health of skin, avocado it is possible not only to eat, but also to use outwardly. Vitamins, polyunsaturated fatty acids positively influence work of a hormonal system on which the condition of epidermis directly depends.
  4. For hair. It is possible to improve a condition of a head of hear at the internal use and external application of overseas fruits. Masks on the basis of a fruit render the expressed moistening, nutritious and restoring effect.
  5. For bones and teeth. The positive impact on a condition of bones and teeth is rendered by such minerals as phosphorus and calcium.
  6. For weight loss. Despite high caloric content, avocado does not harm a figure, and on the contrary, promotes preservation of healthy forms at observance of a measure in the use. B5 vitamin helps to regulate exchange processes, monounsaturated fats help to satisfy feeling of hunger for a long time.

Important! It is very important to observe a measure and not to abuse avocado is extremely high-calorie product (in 100 g about 150-200 kcal contain), which overeating is capable to be reflected in a waist and health.

Whether it is possible to eat

It is obvious that avocado is possible and it is necessary to include in the diet. But at pregnancy, GV and some diseases there is a question concerning safety of the use of this product. Let's understand whether it is possible to eat a green fruit at following states.

  1. To pregnant women. At incubation of the kid there is no contraindication for consumption of avocado any special (except individual intolerance and an allergy to a citrus). This fruit is not capable to affect the course of pregnancy and development of a fruit negatively.

At pregnancy it is also useful to use such products rich in folic acid as spinach, a filbert, walnuts, cottage cheese, sheep cheese, a Brussels sprout, cocoa powder, an asparagus, yogurt.

Moreover, its moderate use bears the mass of advantages: prevention of anemia, saturation of an organism minerals for development of fabrics and bodies of the kid, completion of reserves of folic acid — especially important substance for pregnant young ladies. It is recommended to use a fruit 2-3 times a week.

  1. To nursing mothers. At a lactation it is possible to use avocado fruits 2 months later from childbirth, following the basic rules of introduction of a new product to a diet. In general negative reaction to consumption of avocado by mother at children is not observed. This product improves brain activity, work of a GIT (prevents locks), strengthens immunity. However for obtaining the maximum advantage fruits in the raw are worth using — they can be added to salads, on sandwiches, to smoothie.
  2. At diabetes. At this pathology it is possible to enter avocado into a diet without fears — a fruit not only does not raise, but also considerably reduces sugar level in blood thanks to special substances as a part of (mannogeptuloz). The fruit in itself contains extremely low amount of sugar.
  3. At gastritis and pancreatitis. At these illnesses the consumption of avocado is capable to improve a state considerably. Avocado does not stimulate production of hydrochloric acid therefore does not lead to pain.

Fennel seeds, red beans, acorus marsh, baked apples, a train, siliculose haricot will help to cope with pancreatitis to you repeshok ordinary.

Also, getting into a stomach, it has bactericidal effect, suppressing reproduction of colonies of Helicobacter pylori — the main reason for gastritis. Because of the low content of sugar the fruits do not render load of a pancreas therefore pancreatitis is also not a hindrance for consumption of cream fruit.

Whether you know? Since antiquity and before the beginning of the 20th age of the woman tried to achieve external perfection by means of terrible ingredients in cosmetics which are the strongest poisons. For example, lead, arsenic, mercury, a belladonna, radium and even X-rays were applied to the equal, light, shining face skin shade during different eras!

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Avocado for face skin and a body

Thanks to a large amount of useful fats and vitamins of a mask from avocado allow to return life to the exhausted, dehydrated, withering skin. They feed epidermis, remove inflammations, remove small wrinkles and slow down aging.

Pulp of a fruit can be applied to skin of any type, adding various auxiliary ingredients. Previously the fruit needs to be cut lengthways on 2 parts, a spoon to take out pulp and to pound it by means of a fork or the blender.

Important! After application of any mask or a peeling face skin it is undesirable to rub actively a towel. It is necessary to blot accurately it with a tissue, to wipe with grass broth and to put the moistening means.

The rejuvenating mask

Chemical components of this fruit stimulate processes of blood circulation and a kislorodoobmen in a term, start production of collagen that leads to fast regeneration of skin.

We advise to get acquainted with recipes for the rejuvenating masks from a celery, ginger, a feijoa, a red mountain ash and a kiwi.

As result, after a course of the rejuvenating masks, small wrinkles will disappear at all and also the nasolabial fold and wrinkles on a forehead considerably will decrease. Moreover, antioxidants as a part of a fruit protect skin from negative impact of the sun and the environment.

Options of masks


Preparation and application

Recipe No. 1

·         1/2 avocados;

·         1 tsps of olive oil;

·         1 tsps of dry yeast.

To mix all ingredients and to leave for 15 minutes. After that to apply a mask to face skin and to sustain within 15-20 minutes, to wash away.

Recipe No. 2

·         1 avocados;

·         1 small carrot;

·         1 egg;

·         1/2 glasses of sour cream;

·         1 tablespoons of honey.

All components to mix, apply to face skin for 20 minutes.

Recipe No. 3

·         1 avocados;

·         2 eggs;

·         2 tablespoons of kefir;

·         2 tsps of soda;

·         3 tablespoons of honey;

·         2 drops of essential oil of orange.

All components to mix, cool in the fridge within 30-60 minutes. To apply to face skin for the night for 20-30 minutes. The mask can be stored in the fridge within a week.

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Whether you know? With male genitals the ancient Aztecs called a plant for similarity a yaichkovy tree. For the same reason was considered that fruits of avocado are capable to increase sexual inclination and male power.

Nutritious mask

From avocado it is possible to prepare effective masks for the exhausted skin (as a result of frequent stresses, accommodation in severe climate, flights, change of time zones, the overdried winter rooms, etc.

The listed below means perfectly are suitable for the skin with the first wrinkles withering. These masks saturate epidermis with nutrients, render the light tightening effect, level texture.

Options of masks


Preparation and application

Recipe No. 1

·         1 tablespoons of pulp of avocado;

·         1 tablespoons of grated carrots;

·         1 tsps of cream;

·         1 tsps of honey;

·         1 egg yolk.

To mix all ingredients, to apply to the cleaned face skin for 15 minutes, to wash away warm water. It is desirable to do for the night.

Recipe No. 2

·         1 tablespoons of pulp of avocado;

·         1 tablespoons of pulp of banana;

·         1 yolk;

·         1 tsps of honey.

To mix components, to apply to face skin for 15-30 minutes, to wash away.

From pimples

The anti-inflammatory, wound healing, regenerating action — quite so influences avocado problem skin of the person. Often inflamed, pimpled shit is dehydrated as a result of aggressive influence of means for washing, tonics with alcohol.

Will help to get rid of pimples to you also: nettle, camomile, coltsfoot, cornflower, sweet cherry, pink salt, lemon, watermelon, oils from grape seeds and sprouts of wheat.

In that case avocado renders the moistening effect, prevents peeling, tightness and feeling of discomfort.

Options of masks


Preparation and application

Recipe No. 1

·         1/2 avocados;

·         1 tablespoons of green clay;

·         1 tablespoons of kefir;

·         1 tsps of lemon juice.

To pound avocado a fork in puree, to add other ingredients. To apply to clean face skin for 10 minutes. To apply 1-2 times a week.

Recipe No. 2

·         1 tablespoons of mashed potatoes;

·         1 tablespoons of pulp of avocado;

·         1 tsps of honey;

·         1 tsps of tincture of a calendula.

Mashed potatoes have to be obligatory without spices and other additives. Mix needs to be held on face skin up to 20 minutes.

Recipe No. 3

·         1 tablespoons of pulp of avocado;

·         1/2 tablespoons of lemon juice;

·         1 protein.

Previously to beat egg white to a condition of foam, to add other ingredients. To apply to clean skin for 15 minutes.

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The fruit does not give the expressed peeling effect, however together with skrabiruyushchy components and fruit acids works perfectly for face skin, a neck and a breast.

In house conditions to carry out a peeling of a face by means of semolina and an egg shell.

Options of masks


Preparation and application

Recipe No. 1 (for sensitive skin)

·         1 avocados;

·         juice of a half of orange;

·         1 tablespoons of lemon juice;

·         1 tablespoons of olive oil.

To mix all components to uniform consistence, to put on a face for 20-25 minutes. To wash away by means of contrast washings by cold and hot water.

Recipe No. 2 (srub)

·         1 avocados;

·         1 tablespoons of honey;

·         3 tablespoons of the crushed oat flakes.

To crush flakes in the blender or the coffee grinder, to mix with other components. To put on a face and a decollete for 15 minutes, then to make massage by easy, accurate movements within 5 minutes. After washing off to process leather grass tonic and to apply cream.

For skin around eyes

It is very simple to look after gentle skin around eyes by means of avocado — to pyurirovat enough a small part of a fruit (that was enough for single application), to apply to skin in pure form or to add 1-2 tsps of any base vegetable oil.

It is preferable to choose olive, almond or peach stones, but will approach also any other. Musk needs to sustain 15 minutes, having adopted the weakened provision, then to wash away warm water.

Advantage of this fruit is that it is not capable to provoke allergic reaction, is absolutely safe therefore it is possible to use it for care for this site of the person without fears.

For skin of hands and strengthening of nails

Application of a fruit for care for nails and skin of hands yields the expressed results already in few weeks. Avocado in combination with additional components nourishes and moistens skin of hands, strengthens nails and interferes with their stratification. It is especially useful to apply below-mentioned masks if you often varnish nails, in work you contact to aggressive substances which thin and dry skin.

Options of masks


Preparation and application

Recipe No. 1 (a mask wrapping for hands)

·         1 fruit of avocado;

·         1-2 tablespoons of honey;

·         3 tablespoons of natural yogurt.

Avocado to pyurirovat, add honey and yogurt. Apply mix a thick layer to skin of hands and wrap up in a film. After 20-30 minutes the mask can be washed away.

Recipe No. 2 (for elimination of dryness)

·         1/2 avocados;

·         1/2 potatoes;

·         1 tsps of juice or oil of an aloe;

·         3 drops of oil of rosemary.

To mix all components and to apply to skin of hands for 15 minutes. To wash away broth of herbs.

Recipe No. 3 (strengthening of nails)

·         2 tablespoons of oil of avocado;

·         5 drops of lemon juice;

·         on 3 drops of essential oils: patchouli, lavenders, rosemary.

All ingredients to mix, rub in a cuticle several times a week, to grease a nail plate after removal of a varnish covering.

For hair care also use masks on the basis of olive oil, a camomile, oil of a calendula, kefir, fermented baked milk, black radish, onions, corn, coconut and almond oil.

Masks with avocado for hair

For the expressed effect of a mask on the basis of avocado it is necessary to carry out by courses several times in a year till 8-10 once a month. If your head of hear is strongly weakened or damaged, it is possible to increase time of influence of a mask or to leave it under a cellophane hat for the night.

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The moistening and nutritious mask

This recipe will become rescue for young ladies whose hair were exposed to frequent changes of color, overheating by the hair dryer and the curling iron or the iron. Also this means is capable to recover hair which were overdried as a result of negative impact during the heating period.

Such ingredients will be necessary:

  • 1/2 avocados;
  • 1/2 bananas;
  • 1 tablespoons of olive oil.

Important! Before addition of banana it needs to be peeled not only, but also from the top fibrous layer, will wash away differently this mask extremely not easy!

To mix all ingredients to a condition of puree, hair to humidify and put with a uniform layer on all length. It is possible to make light massage of head skin. Musk needs to sustain 30 minutes, then to wash away cool (!) water, to wash up shampoo and to rinse with apple cider vinegar.

For the volume, growth and restoration

To make active lukovichka, to start growth of hair and to give them unknown volume, try the following recipe of a mask.


  • 1 very ripe fruit of avocado;
  • 1 yolk;
  • 2 tablespoons of lemon juice or concentrate.

To pound avocado a fork, to add juice and a yolk. To apply a mask on moist hair, to wrap up in a film, or to put on a hat for a shower, to wrap up with a towel. It is necessary to wash away with shampoo after 20-30 minutes.

Whether you know? Annually in the world nearly 4 million tons of avocado are grown up, the leading export country is Mexico (nearly 25%) there is a historical homeland of fruits.

For dry head skin and the dropping-out hair

The mask is suitable for dry, weakened, deprived of food and force of hair.


  • 2 tablespoons of colourless henna;
  • 1 tablespoons of castor oil;
  • 1 avocados.

Henna needs to be filled in with hot water (not boiled water!) to insist 10-15 minutes, to add oil and pulp of a fruit. The mask is applied on roots of hair for 1-1.5 hours, it is undesirable to apply means as henna can overdry them on tips of hair.

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For a hair shine

This mask is capable not only to add gloss, but also to subdue the disobedient confused curls.


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