Than ayran is useful

Than ayran is useful

Ayran – a product from fermented milk, very popular with the people of the Caucasus, Transcaucasia and the Middle East. It can be used as a basis for soups or soft drink. Universal consumption of ayran is considered one of the reasons of longevity of Caucasians.

How to make ayran

The basis of ayran is formed by milk of pets – cows, sheep, goats. Some recipes suggest to mix these 3 components. Then milk is required to be boiled on slow fire until it sweats on 1/3. Boiling is necessary to kill pathogenic microorganisms which especially violently breed in milk in the conditions of hot climate. Add ferment to the milk which cooled down to room temperature and leave for fermentation.

In house conditions as ferment it is possible to use a crust of black bread, sour cream or a boiled fermented milk.

The acidified boiled milk is called катык. If to filter this curdled milk, the suzma – the dense product reminding cottage cheese or sour cream will turn out.

If to add the cut vegetables and greens to ayran, great summer soup will turn out. To make soft drink, ayran is parted with cold water, spring or mineral. It is necessary to pour in water a thin stream, constantly stirring slowly, in the ratio 3:1. It is possible to add the cut mint or a melissa to drink. Such ayran perfectly refreshes and calms, takes off fatigue and satisfies thirst. It is possible to prepare a fruit yoghourt on the basis of ayran. For this purpose add the cut fruit to fermented milk and leave at several o'clock to infuse. It is possible just to shake up ayran and fruit in the blender.

Advantage of ayran

As well as all lactic products, ayran destroys a putrefactive bacteria in digestive tract and restores microflora. Fresh ayran eliminates locks and improves an intestines vermicular movement. The simple proteins and fatty acids which are a part of fermented milk are easily acquired by an organism, enriching it with calcium, potassium, vitamins of group B, A and D.Ayran strengthens a cardiac muscle, well influences work of a respiratory system, increases immunity, promotes a conclusion of slags from an organism. Despite the rich content of useful substances, ayran – a low-calorie product therefore it is included in a diet if you want to get rid of excess weight. It is possible to replace a dinner with ayran – among other things, this drink calms and is light sleeping pill. It is useful to arrange 1-2 fasting days a week, eating ayran. That food didn't seem too leavened, it is possible to add fragrant herbs or pieces of apple to ayran.

Fresh cold ayran perfectly removes a hungover syndrome.


The individual intolerance of milk protein can become a contraindication to consumption of ayran. Besides, stale ayran, especially is dangerous if it was stored not in the fridge.

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