Than banana is useful

Than banana is useful

Nutritionists often include bananas in a healthy diet. It is easy to explain popularity of tropical fruit with availability, a pleasant flavor of fragrant pulp and unique structure of a product. Fruit raise hemoglobin, fill shortage of potassium, strengthen male power. It is important to adherents of healthy food to know, than banana is still useful and  whether it can do harm to an organism.

10 unique properties of banana

  • Tropical fruit is well-known for the content of a large number of minerals, such as Ca, Na, P, Zn. Especially there is a lot of in it potassium — 400 mg in a ripe fruit! Regular consumption of bananas helps to avoid a gipokaliyemiya, to strengthen heart and to normalize arterial blood pressure. Potassium supports an organism of fans of coffee ( it doesn't allow calcium to be washed away) and athletes (protects from puffiness and spasms).
  • Bananas contain many RR vitamins and  groups B. So, in them there is more B6 vitamin, than in other fruits. At the regular use, fruit help to cope with insomnia, to calm nerves and to lower a heart rhythm.
  • At fans of fragrant yellow fruit often good mood, they receive so-called "hormone of happiness" — protein tryptophane which in a human body is transformed to serotonin. As the result, the person becomes quieter and relaxes. Besides, the bananas containing a lot of magic protein help women easier to transfer critical days.
  • During the bad work of a GIT bananas become the real find. Banana pulp contains the natural cellulose optimizing an intestines vermicular movement. Besides, fruit, especially in combination with olive oil, create a protective film on gastric walls therefore they at ulcers can be shown before other food.
  • Bananas are a natural anti-septic tank as contain curative natural oils and enzymes. They not only help mucous internals, but also can be used as external means. Compresses and lotions from pulp of fruits or a banana peel help from burns, splinters, small grazes and scratches. 
  • Saturation of bananas potassium warns renal pathologies. The fruit rich with potassium, it doesn't allow to be formed to stones in kidneys and protect these bodies thanks to phenolic antioxidants.
  • It is considered that ordinary banana helps smokers to get rid of an addiction. Some experts confirm it, explaining useful property of fruit with a large amount of magnesium and  the same potassium in their structure. Minerals help to cope with a dependent state.
  • Other curious property of bananas — to help at a hungover syndrome. Practice shows that one portion of mix of natural fermented milk product and banana pulp quickly restores sugar level in blood, removes emetic reflexes and the GIT calms.
  • It is known that bananas are magnificent power sources, not accidentally they are recommended as having a snack for athletes, school students, busy persons. In fruits there are a lot of proteins, carbohydrates and all types of natural sugars. It is possible to eat fruit separately or to prepare interesting desserts with nuts, honey, other fruits.
  • Thanks to the vitamin C which is contained in structure, bananas help at allergic skin reactions, reddenings. So, after a sting of insects of grinding by a banana peel usually remove irritation already 15 minutes later. Ascorbic acid splits a histamine therefore the banana diet is often recommended to allergic persons. Certainly, if there is no allergy to bananas though this unusual occurrence.

 Bananas desserts — an excellent power source

Bananas for beautiful skin and hair

Bananas enjoy special love at great ladies for value in cosmetology. The zinc which is a part of banana pulp becomes the effective fighter against acne rash and dermatitis; vitamin E humidifies, nourishes skin and saves from peeling. Women can monthly do face packs. simple recipe: the pounded banana, a tablespoon of cream and a teaspoon of honey. Having kept mix on skin, it is necessary to be washed by warm water.

Gruel from overripe banana pulp moisturizes head skin and strengthens hair, fights against split ends and protects from harmful external effects. The mask is applied on the humidified head of hear, distributed a hairbrush and covered with a film. Half an hour later well wash out hair and with shampoo. The course of procedures is usually calculated for 1-2 months on once a week. Stage-by-stage descriptions of other house banana masks, a photo and video can be found in abundance in the Internet and to receive at the beautician. 

Bananas enter healthy diets

 Whether banana at weight loss is useful

At fight against excess weight the nutritionists advise more carefully to treat bananas. Fruit are rich with sugars, carbohydrates and there is enough kaloriyna — 95 kcal on 100 g. Not accidentally at accumulation of muscle bulk the athletes lean on these tropical fruits. On the other hand, bananas normalize work of digestive tract and optimize introduction and salt balance. Nutritious fruit allow to maintain with ease short-term diets without damage to an organism and constant hunger.

 Whether it is possible to lose weight from bananas, depends on their quantity. If several fruits for the night — a certain way to gain weight, then the healthy nutrition will please with result. So, the dairy and banana diet allowing to lose weight by 3 kg in 3 days enjoys wide popularity. It is required to eat in day only 3 bananas and to drink 3 glasses of 0.1% milk, at the same time to divide all products into 5 receptions. Besides, to drink rather clear water.

Bananas contain love hormones

Love fruit

 According to doctors, regular consumption of bananas strengthens health of men and raises a libido of men and women. Magnesium and potassium, happiness hormone serotonin as a part of fruits revitalize heart and vessels, saturate with blood bodies. Bananas promote increase in fertility.

"The love molecule", "love hormone" — so call oxytocin which contains in banana pulp in the people. Scientists found out: this substance containing nine amino acids is a stimulator of attachment and proximity between individuals of an opposite sex. At the same time, unlike tablets, fruit don't cause collateral reactions in the man's organism.

To whom bananas are contraindicated

Speaking about harm of bananas, nutritionists often mention:

— patients with diabetes;

— small children;

— cores.

 Concerning advantage or harm of these fruits for patients with diabetes the experts disagree. Some emphasize that they natural sugar, in abundance contained in fruit, come to a blood-groove at once. Therefore, it is better for diabetics to exclude bananas from a diet.

Other doctors (and their majority) believe that sweet banana pulp is harmless at diabetes. However not overripe, but  a little not dozrely, greenish fruits are recommended to patients. At the use of the last the glycemic index is lower.

Babies, until their GIT got stronger insufficiently, shouldn't give many bananas not to cause indigestion. And here cores should belong to tropical fruit especially carefully. On the one hand, fruits strengthen heart and vessels, with another, promote a liquid conclusion from an organism. If the person has an ischemia, blood is quickly displaced, it is better to limit consumption of bananas in order to avoid obstruction of vessels. And after a stroke or a heart attack  there are no tasty fruit at least month at all.

Bananas are contraindicated to some

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